Beretta’s Vendetta Slots

If you are a diehard fan for action mayhem, Beretta’s Vendetta is the slot machine to be playing. And for the soft at heart—those who are drawn to slots with vibrant colors and cuddly bunnies—this is no game to be eying. Beretta’s Vendetta is yet another ingenious theme.

With an incredible game that features some of the best slot graphics ever, this game feels like a big-budget Hollywood action flick. You can count on an exciting ride in your role as Beretta, the cop and leader of a SWAT team in Beretta’s Vendetta. A vendetta mission couldn’t get any better than this 3D animation-filled slot.Key Features

Beretta’s Vendetta is a 5-reel, 20 payline 3D video slot with a jackpot that has a maximum win of $12,000. The game begins with a hilarious opening video sequence in which a cop comes up against the bad guy. The cop sports an afro, and he has been in the force for 25 years. He is quite the hero. The bad guy in the story is Mr. Dynamite, a bank robber who hides his face behind a mask. This intro is a few years old. In modern day, our good cop has gained some extra pounds and is of course a little greyer around the temples. He is now the police chief, and he is driven by one mission—to capture Dynamite. Help him get this job done, finally, and earn some cash in the process.

The symbols on the reels of Beretta’s Vendetta are crime-themed and include the hardened police chief, an armored police van, a walkie talkie, a helicopter, a bank vault, and a Beretta. The highest paying symbol is the bank vault. There are wilds, scatters, and a bonus game. The graphics, animations, and sound effects of the game combine to deliver a slot experience that is not only entertaining, but also takes Sheriff’s 3D platform to the next level. The symbols in themselves are crisp and appealing, but they get even more appealing after a win, as they usually burst into animated life. Betting Options

You can enjoy all the gaming action you need, but only after setting up your bets. The amounts you can bet per coin range from $0.01 to $5. As for the line bets, you can select between 1 and 5 coins. The lines you are allowed to spin are from 1 to 20 during each spin. You can therefore make a minimum bet of $0.01 per spin going up to $500.How to Play Beretta’s Vendetta

To play Beretta’s Vendetta, you make your bets using the controls at the bottom of the screen. Then hit the spin button. However, if you prefer playing automatically instead of manually, use the auto spin button. The game plays continuously even without you being there, and it only stops when you run out of money or a feature comes up.Bonus Round

The helicopter serves as the wild, and it replaces all symbols except the two scatters and the bonus symbol. Though it’s not a multiplier, it still greatly heightens your chances of winning.

The bank robber is the scatter that brings you a bonus round. During the robbery, the crowds scatter all over the bank, but this is the time the robber loots, winning you free spins. When 3 robbers appear, you’ll get 6 free spins; 4 symbols yields 12 spins; and 5 scatters will get you the most spins—18.

The fun does not end with these spins, though. You also get a bonus game when SWAT vans appear on an active winline. This round takes you to an entirely new screen, and you are given a crucial map with locations for bombs in the banks Dynamite has been to. You and the SWAT team must dismantle these bombs before they blow up. Your chances are as many as the number of SWAT symbols that have activated this interactive bonus game. At the end of it all, you receive generous prizes.

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