Beauty and the Nerd Slots

This is nothing like Beauty and the Geek. In Beauty and the Nerd, you will find yourself smack in the middle of a classic American tale. A geeky and unpopular dude, Stan, falls crazily in love with Kelly, a beautiful cheerleader who is obviously an airhead, but totally out of his league.

The atmosphere of the game is very much in agreement with the theme. There is a wonderful California backdrop with the sun shining down, and everywhere it’s bright and breezy. The symbols on the reels are pure American high school: books, school bells, blue lockers, canteens, the cheerleader, pompoms, kittens, an old computer, and Stan—the nerdy hero—tinkering with some chemistry equipment. Kelly is a true cheerleader. Her spot is by the side of the slot and she holds pompoms in her hands, cheering you on each time you win. Whenever you hit a large win she does splits. Stan is on the right hand side of the slot trying to create a love potion in the science lab. Complementing the thematic animations are excellent classroom soundtracks.

Key Features of Sheriff Gaming’s Nerd Slot

Beauty and the Nerd is a 5-reel, 20-payline 3D slot with Sheriff Gaming‘s customary innovativeness. The animations are slick, and the theme delivers a timeless sense of humor. Even the bonuses are quite lucrative. It is a non-progressive slot with a maximum jackpot win of $40,000.

Betting Options

Nothing complicated here. You can choose to activate from 1 to 20 lines. On each line you have the option to bet coins ranging from 1 to 5. The minimum value of each coin is $0.01 and the maximum is $1. For the maximum jackpot win of $40,000, you have to bet the maximum.

Every win you make comes with a double up option in which you have to choose the potion. If you choose the wrong potion, it will blow up in the nerd’s face and you will lose it all.

How to Play Beauty and the Nerd

You will see six very basic buttons at the bottom of the reels, which you will use to control play. They are for choosing coin value, number of coins to bet per line, and number of lines to play. You may also select max bet.

Bonus Round

The kitten appears anywhere on reel 3 as a wild and replaces all regular symbols. She is an expandable wild on this reel and does her job in full kitty glory, forming 3 wilds that definitely lead to huge wins.

When 3 or more blue locker symbols line up, you get the click me bonus game whereby you get to select a locker and see what instant cash prize is hidden.

Nerdy Stan is king of this game, and it goes without saying that he is the symbol of the feature bonus. With 3 Stan symbols, you will be taken to Stan’s bedroom in a special game where 20 random items will be presented to you, and you have to click on each to see the prizes they will reveal with an upbeat rock soundtrack playing in the background, until the collect sign pops up. The last thing you will see before you are whisked back to the base game is Stan running down the stairs shouting, “Bye Mom!”

Beauty and the Nerd is not just about our nerd Stan, but also the beauty Kelly. When 3 of her signs appear on the reels, you will be taken to her bedroom and get to select from 20 items to see the cash prizes hidden.

Perhaps the most interesting bonus is the one triggered by kisses. When a nerdy kiss symbol pops up on reel 4 and at the same time a girly kiss symbol pops up on reel 2, a fun animated sequence begins and you see Stan finally get the kiss he has yearned for all these years from Kelly. And at the exact moment when the couple touch lips, you will get a cash bonus.

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