Triple Twister Slot Game

Triple Twister is a video slot game that has 5 reels and 50 lines to bet on. This implies that players can choose their winning combination in the 5 reels. After the slot stops moving, the software checks if the selected symbols match the ones that have been displayed, and gives winnings accordingly. This game comes from the house of Real Time Gaming (RTG), and has the quality standards set by this slot games giant.

This game greets players with lush green bottom portions, though storm clouds can be spotted at the top. The reels are colored in beige and the icons are displayed in various vibrant colors. The look and feel of the game resembles life in a farm, and the reel icons are related to characters and things found in a farm, like the farmer and his wife, animals, and buildings respectively. There is a twister icon also, and various other farm paraphernalia.

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  • Special Features on the Triple Twister Game

    The game is based on the platform provided by Real Time Gaming. The visuals are dynamic and vibrant, and present a colorful world that lies under the clouds of a storm. The gameplay is fast, and you can easily run the slots for long periods without getting bored in the least.

    There are the usual scatter and wild symbols in the game apart from the figures described before. The Twister symbol acts as the wild in this game. This wild appears only at the 3rd reel in regular games, and substitutes all other symbols when the scatter symbol of Weather Vane is struck. You can get triple winnings if the Twister symbol substitutes in some winning combination. The scatter symbols are scattered all over the winning combinations only if two or more such symbols are displayed between the five reels.


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    Free Spins and Jackpots

    More than two scatter symbols trigger feature plus award of 0, 9, or 33 coins according to the number of the scatter cards. Initially, this feature gives nine free games, and when the wild symbol fills some reels, this could mean many other winning opportunities for the player.

    There’s another exciting feature in this game, called the Win-win feature. This gives players another chance to win bigger prizes if their free spins result in wins of less than 10x their original bet. This may get a bit complicated but overall players can win anywhere from 2x to 100x of their bets in addition to all of their free spin wins!

    Armed with the multiple progressive jackpots feature, you can hope to strike gold if you are lucky at the right time. There are two types of jackpots – major and minor. These are progressive with the winnings increasing with every bet placed on the game. Also, the wins made in the progressive jackpot are added to any other winnings in the game that a player has managed to earn.

    The Skill Stop Spin feature allows players to stop the slots by just clicking on a button. You can click on the stop button to come up with winning combinations or to trigger any of the bonus features.

    Apart from all these, there are many built-in features that make the game simpler and more exciting at the same time. You can use the auto play feature to auto play the slot machine. You can even configure when you want to stop the slots beforehand, such as stopping when you strike jackpot, stopping on any win, and so on.

    All in all, the Triple Twister is a fun and entertaining video slot game that will get you hooked into it with the colorful gameplay and all the options to win. This 5 reel game holds a lot of surprises and is recommended if you want to win big! This game isn’t currently available for users of mobiles and smartphones.