Coyote Cash Slot

Coyote Cash has fast become one of the most popular video slot games in recent years. It is developed by RTG and uses a theme inspired by the hit cartoon, Road Runner. While the game does not offer the finest when it comes to visuals and aesthetic, one of the key reasons for its popularity is because of its large payout potential.
Wile E Coyote is the game’s dominant character but the Roadrunner itself does not feature. In the style of the cartoon, every time the Wile E Coyote symbol appears, he accidentally shoots himself in the face, adding a touch of humour to the game as well. Other characters include a Snake wielding a knife, a Eagle donning a police officer’s uniform, a Cactus, an ancient Cow skull, a bag of cash (the Scatter symbol) and an Armored Truck. The game is also conveniently offered on mobile devices. The mobile version of the game is exactly the same as the online version incorporating 5 reels and 25 playlines.

Main Features for RTG’s Coyote Cash Slots

Coyote Cash comes alive by offering its player five different spinning reels and 25 different playlines. Before the game begins, the player will need to choose the number of preferred playlines as well as the betting amount. The largest betting amount is 25 coins. At the other extreme, the minimum bet a player can make is $.01. The maximum payout that the game offers is 10,000 coins when a player triggers a rare case of Coyote symbols appearing on all five reels in simultaneously.

The Scatter symbol in this game is the bag of loot. When the loot symbols appears twice on the reels, there is a multiplier that comes into effect. In cases, were players trigger three or more scatter symbols, the game offers the player additional free spins along with the multiplier. When five scatter symbols appear in sequence, the player will benefit from a payout of 200 coins multiplied into the total betting amount on the spin. The multiplier on the scatter feature begins at 2x but increases by an additional 1x, every time the scatter feature is further activated.

Apart from a sequence of five Coyote symbols, the next highest payout is 5000 coins. This is automatically triggered when five Eagle symbols appear in a sequence.

Alternatively, if four Eagle symbols and the Wild Coyote symbol appears in a straight line, the payout is 10,000.

The next highest payout after the five straight Eagles is that of the Snake. When a player triggers five straight Snake symbols lined up, the payout he/she will receive is 2500 coins. Players are also advised to keep an eye out for a bonus feature known as the Random Jackpot. This feature has little do with the normal game, and the name suggests comes into effect randomly, at the end of single session. When this feature appears, the player is required to simply spin once in the hope of receiving a payout.

Final Thoughts

Players should not expect a visually appealing experience when playing this game. While the game is very colourful incorporating various Western elements, its biggest attraction is the possibility of a lucrative payout. One of the most effective strategies when playing this game is to identify a set budget per spin and follow through with it, as one continues playing. Fans of the classic Road Runner cartoon can keep themselves occupied for hours playing this game, all the while benefitting from a significant winning potential.

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