Realtime Gaming, known by the initials RTG, is one of the better-reviewed providers of casino software. This company has an international presence, thanks to headquarters in the US and the Caribbean, and affiliation with gaming websites all over the world.

Realtime has been around almost as long as online gaming itself, formed in the late 90s only a couple of years after the first real money slot site started accepting cash bets over the Internet. The solid reputation of this design company is based on a good variety of popular games and the respect they earn from websites that use their backend services. RTG slots, especially the series of games known as Real Series slots, are considered the most popular in Internet slot machine play.

Most casinos operating on this designer’s software are still able to accept bets from the American wagering market, even after anti-gambling legislation became law starting in 2006. Because RTG can still accept wagers from US players, this company currently dominates the large American betting market. The bottom line is that if you’re an American interested in Web-based slot gambling, your best bet will be to join a Realtime-powered slot casino.

RTG Online Slot Options

Internet casinos began as little more than mirrors of land-based gambling options. The first online gaming sites offered very little outside of the range of what you’d normally find in a traditional gambling house. Today, thanks to years of experience in the industry, RTG and other slot designers have produced machine options that go above and beyond what you’d find at your typical Vegas casino-resort.

Classic Slots

For customers used to more traditional machine gaming, this company offers plenty of what are called classic slots. This type of machine usually uses a single payline and a small number of reels combined with very few options in terms of how much you can wager per spin. In short, these are the most basic versions of machine gaming, similar to the very first slot titles in the early days of casino gaming. Some RTG classics do include basic bonus features, but for the most part, if you see a category labeled Classic Slots, you can expect the simplest possible machine gaming.

Progressive RTG Slots

RTG has a huge variety of slot titles with progressive jackpots. As of this writing, dozens of Realtime machines offer progressives, which are networked across this company’s many affiliated gaming sites. You can watch as the progressive prize ticks up, hoping to take home the biggest possible prize, which can often get up into six figures. Naturally,  progressive games designed by this company come with the standard range of bonus options and variety of playing methods.

Multi-Line Slots by RTG

As of this writing, Realtime offers more than 100 multi-line slots. Multi-line slots are a step up from classic slots in terms of game complexity; rather than a single payline, they offer you the chance to wager on multiple lines at once, as many as 25-paylines or more. RTG has created multi-line slots with progressive jackpots, bonus games, and other features to entice players to try their hand at these more complicated slot games, though be warned that to win the top prizes, you normally have to bet on all paylines per spin.

RTG Real Series Online Slot Games

Real Series machines are of the video bonus variety, and the customer response to Real Series slots has been so positive that Realtime Gaming is releasing more and more of these bonus-heavy titles. A variety of game themes, customizable options, and paylines and bet sizes makes Real Series titles adaptable to all sorts of styles of slot play.
Programming player-adjustable options is a big part of the popularity of these particular slot titles. You can customize the game’s speed (meaning the pace at which the reels turn and stop), the game’s screen size, and a wide range of game audio setting. Not all slot gamblers are after these kinds of fully- adjustable titles, but for those who are, Real Series are designed with that gambler in mind.

Progressive jackpots are a mainstay of RTG slots, especially the Real Series range of titles. Gamers love random jackpots, progressive ones in particular, and Realtime excels at stuffing these bonus features into their slot titles. Unlike other slot machine jackpots, which require a specific set of symbols on a certain payline to pay out, Real Series machines often have random rewards that can pop up on any spin of the reels. That’s not to say that some RTG slots don’t come with specific symbol combinations required for big winnings; only that many of their titles include random winning combos.

Real Series games are well-reviewed in large part because they are video bonus slots, giving you additional chances of triggering bonus games and features. Since so many RTG slot titles exist, your bonus game offers range from a set number of free spins rewarded for specific symbol combos or games that ask the player to pick mystery symbols for a hidden prize.

Cleopatra’s Gold Slot – Cleopatra’s Gold is one of Realtime’s popular Real Series video slots. Featuring five reels, twenty paylines, and a maximum bet of 20 coins, the theme of the game is the ancient civilization of Cleopatra and all the trappings of her wealth and power. All the symbols call to mind ancient Egypt and Cleopatra herself. Cleopatra is the wild symbol while the scatter symbols are represented by Pyramids. Other symbols include the Egyptian Scarab and the sacred Cat image, along with other features of Egyptian mythology. The top fixed jackpot in the game comes from Cleopatra’s wild symbol, which doubles all payouts as a substitute image for any winning combo. This Real Series game contains a free spin bonus round and a randomly-triggered progressive jackpot.

Fame & Fortune Slot – This title is a 20 payline video slot featuring imagery that reflects the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the Academy Awards. This title is popular because of the variety of wagering limits available to the player. The wild symbol is the classic image of a Glamour Girl, a wild symbol that substitutes to double any winning combination. The Fame and Fortune symbols are the game’s scatter images, which multiply winnings by the amount of your bet. If you’re a fan of slots that hand out free spins, this title hands them out when you spin the Fame symbol on the first reel and the Fortune symbol on the fifth reel. That rewards you with 10 free spins, with payouts doubled on the first five and tripled for the final five. Players can bet as little as $0.01 or as high as $5 per line, so all sorts of machine gamers can find a financial option they’re comfortable with playing Fame & Fortune.