Red White and Bleu Slot from Rival Gaming

There are not too many slots which have wine on either side of the reels. Red, White and Bleu (that’s French for Blue) are the colors of the French flag. Everything about this 3 reel online slot game from Rival Gaming has a touch of French flavor to it. This includes some of the symbols on the reels, which include wine and French cheese, as well as traditional symbols like sevens and bars.

You’ll find plenty of reasons to take this slot for a spin. The top prize is a healthy 5000 coins – and these are extra wins for getting some of the symbols in specific orders too.

The background of this slot is a giant French flag, with a bottle of red wine one side of the reels and a glass of white wine on the other (plus grapes). Behind the control buttons you will see a huge selection of cheese and a baguette. Just in case you missed the Frenchness, a traditional accordion track plays, even when you are not spinning the reels. This is not as bad as it sounds, and actually adds something to the overall atmosphere.

It seems common with 3 reel slots from all different slot software makers to have curved reels. These mimic the traditional mechanical slots. This game has a single win line, and the design shows the reels curving away from this at the top and the bottom. The symbols are quite large, and clearly drawn without too many details, giving a different look and feel to many 3 reel games. The buttons below the reels are made up in the French flag colors, the spin button having a light effect. Unlike many 3 reel slots, which have the pay table on the main page, the pay table for this game is spread over several separate screens which are accessed via buttons above the reels.

Rival Gaming's Red White & Bleu Slot Game

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  • How to Win on Red, White and Bleu

    Before I get into the prizes, it is important to note that you have a choice of playing 1, 2 or 3 coins. As with many 3 reel slots you really should play 3 coins whenever possible. The reason is that the biggest prize is bigger for 3 coins. This is for 3 of the pieces of cheese. If you hit them with 1 coin you win 1500 coins, with 2 coins that is 3000 coins and with 3 coins you win 5000 coins. Those 500 extra coins make a big difference to your percentage return and by playing fewer you are handing the casino and extra profitable edge! All prizes listed here assume you are playing 3 coins.

    There is a big jump down from the top prize of the cheese to the next best paying symbols. This is for the red bunch of grapes, which is worth 600 coins for all 3 (the white grapes are only worth 150).

    You will also get prizes for any 3 of the grapes and cheese on the win-line, with a boost if they are in the ‘correct’ order of white then red then cheese (180 coins in this case, with 45 coins for random orders).

    The red, white and blue 7’s also have some reasonable payouts. There are 300 coins for 3 of the red sevens, 75 for 3 whites and 60 for the blues. Combinations of 7’s win 15 coins, though the red-white-blue combo from the left to right gets you 120 coins instead.

    Bars make up the smaller wins, again there are individual prizes for 3 of the 3, 2 or 1 bar symbols – plus a 9 coin prize for any 3 mixed. There is no extra prize for getting these in the right order.

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    Overall Experience with Red, White and Bleu

    This is a simple game, the sort you might relax with using the auto play option. While the accordion would not be most people’s first choice of musical instrument, the soundtrack is actually quite relaxed. This slot is unlikely to set the world alight, though if you enjoy traditional games it is certainly worth taking for a spin.