Mystic Wolf Slot by Rival Gaming

If you have played real money slots for any amount of time, then you’ll be aware that wolves (along with the frozen North) are quite a common theme. I have played many such games – though have never come across one as beautifully presented and produced as Mystic Wolf from Rival Gaming.

Set on a moonlit night in the icy north, this slot looks amazing. There are some solid elements to the game play too. Wilds during normal play come with a 5x multiplier, and there are even bigger multipliers during the free spins bonus game. You can also hit a break out bonus game which involves choosing phases of the lunar cycle.

How to Win on Mystic Wolf

There are 50 win lines crossing the 5 reels of this slot, giving you plenty of opportunities to line up winning combinations. The best paying symbol of all is the diamond, which is worth 5000 coins for 5 on a win line. Remember that hitting this with a wild in regular play will see your prize multiplied by 5. Next is a head shot of a wolf, which appears to be staring very intently towards the moon. 5 wolves on a line win you 700 coins, with 200 coins for 4 and 40 for just 3.

Next in the payouts is another wolf, this one silhouetted against the moon. 5 of these will bring a 500 coin windfall. The only other unique symbols are a very effective looking full moon (350 coins for 5) and a golden disc (300). After this come some nicely designed playing card symbols from ace down to nine.

There are two more symbols in play during the regular game. One is the running wolf, which is the wild symbol – which substitutes for the regular symbols and carries a 5x multiplier for all wins. The other is a feather, which kicks off the ‘Mystic Wolf Super Round’, which is a free spins game.

Bonus Games on Mystic Wolf

While the Mystic Wolf Super Round sounds very grand, this is essentially a free spins game with a few interesting extras. For a start the randomly awarded win jackpot is more frequent during this bonus round. You will also find that wilds (those same running wolves) now have a 10x multiplier instead of a 5x one – this can give a big boost to your profits.

There is also a new symbol on the reels which looks like a strangely shaped dice with the phases of the moon on it. If you land 3 of these you get to play the break out bonus game.

This is a visually stunning, though fairly easy bonus game to play. You will see a wooden board, with the phases of the moon on buttons all around it. Your task is to choose 3 of those phases by clicking on them (they will become highlighted). Next you throw 2 dice onto the board, and see if you get any matches with the phases of the moon that they show. You will win coins depending on how you do. The mechanism of how your wins are calculated are not clear, the prizes might even be completely random. Luckily these are often relatively large, and the game is an engaging break from regular play.

Design and Setup for Mystic Wolf

This is one of the best looking slots in the Rival Gaming range. The colors are dark blue and silver, with the moon and a mystic sign behind the transparent reels. There are set against an icy plain and line of trees. A mystic tune plays, with a chilling wind instrument and slow rhythmic drum beat adding to the atmosphere.

Symbols are really nicely done. The wolves are the main focus, though the full moon symbol is the stand out for me. When you spin you will see sparkles of snow on each reel. Animations (for example the wild wolf running) are small and simple, though again very attractively designed. When you hit the bonus game the music changes, and instead of snowflakes you’ll see feathers floating over the reels.

The basis for this slot is a 5 reel by 3 row grid. There are 50 win lines going across the reels. Like on all Rival Gaming slots this number is adjustable. Also in line with other Rival slots, you will have a wide choice of coin sizes and the number of coins per line. The minimum spin for all of the lines is 50c.

Overall Experience

This is certainly the best looking Rival Gaming slot I have played, and I will definitely head back again for another spin in the near future. If you like the mystical or natural themed games then this one should be on your must-see list. With 10x multipliers during the super-round, the payouts are attractive too.

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