Cosmic Quest Mission Control Slot from Rival Gaming

This slot is part of a 2 slot series of iSlots from Rival Gaming. These games have progressive slot bonus rounds, where the longer you play – the better the bonuses that you unlock. Unusually, this slot also has an element of skill involved in the main bonus game. You’ll need to shoot asteroids to accumulate coins, and the more you shoot the bigger your prize will be.

Overall this is a slick and good humored online slot game which takes the sci-fi theme and manages to create a unique and engaging game from it.

How to Win on Cosmic Quest

There are 3 ways you can win on Cosmic Quest. First, the standard slot gaming method of lining up matching symbols on win lines. Second via the free spins game which comes with special expanding wild symbols, and third via the break out bonus game.

Standard play wins are topped by a generous 5000 coin prize for hitting 5 of the red rockets on one of the 25 win lines. You can also win 1000 coins for 4, 100 for 3 and 10 for just 2. During normal play this is the wild symbol – which means that it substitutes for any of the regular symbols on the reels (not the pink pilot or the scatter monkey).

There is then a jump down to the remaining symbols. The astronaut in the orange suit pays 750 for 5 (this one also pays out for 2+ on a line, though the remaining symbols need at least 3). The observatory is worth 400, space dog 300 and space station 350 for 5. There are several more space themed symbols making up the smaller wins, including the humorous tubes marked ‘Fish’, ‘Eggs’ and ‘Pizza’.

Bonus Games on Cosmic Quest: Mission Control

Free spins are triggered by hitting 3 or more of the scatter monkey symbols anywhere on the reels. You will get 10 free spins, which can be retriggered. There is a big difference in how the wilds behave during this bonus game. The red rockets sink to the bottom of the screen, and count down from 10 to 1 (you can skip this part by hitting the spin button if it is too slow). The rockets take off, making the entire reel wild. This can happen to more than one reel, giving you the opportunity for multiple wins at once.

The break out bonus is triggered by hitting 3+ of the ‘pink pilot’ symbols. This is known as the ‘Asteroid Blasteroid’ game and is like a simple older arcade game. First you get a scene where you have to move your ship with arrow keys and blow the door off of the hanger. You then move out of the hanger to a scene where asteroids fly directly downwards from the top of the screen.

You shoot as many of these as you can, accumulating  coins for each one – there are 3 different sizes. If an asteroid hits you then your ship is lost, though you will have 3 ships per round. Missing an asteroid does not have any penalties, it simply disappears. These games are random in length, and will end with a message showing how many coins you won.

Each time you trigger this round you will have a new level (up to 5), different colored ship and bigger prizes attached to each of the asteroids.

Setup and Design of Cosmic Quest

This slot has 20 win-lines, which cross the very standard 5 by 3 grid of symbols. You can spin all 20 lines from as little as 20c (1c per line) or go all the way to $50 per spin by choosing a 25c coin size, 10 coins per line and playing all 20 lines. Auto play and bet max are made available too.

The design follows many Rival Gaming slots in being colorful, cartoon-like and having small elements of humor. If the space dog and space monkey were not enough, a great example is the guy in orange losing his space suit when involved in a win and covering up quickly! There are a lot of flashing lights on this game, which gives it a hectic and lively feel. While you play a somewhat movie like background tune plays, while there are plenty of sci-fi bleep and whirrs to add to the theme.

Animations really come into their own during the Blasteroid Asteroid game, where different backgrounds make each of the progressive rounds unique. The rocket takeoff in the free spins game is also noteworthy.

Overall Experience

This is a very entertaining slot, and like many of the iSlots range is certainly worth a look. If you are good at shooting asteroids (or those old style arcade games in general), then you should have no problem racking up some reasonable wins during the progressive bonus games.

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