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The introduction video reminds me or World of Warcraft (or maybe Dungeons and Dragons for older readers!) with armed skeletons and brave heroes. The main game is certainly on this theme, with weapons and chests full of treasure appearing on the reels.

Heroes’ Realm has a free spins bonus and a break out bonus game. This might not be too unusual, though if I mentioned that this is a 3 reel video slot, it might cause some surprise. While there are only 3 reels, this is the only link to ‘traditional’ slots gaming you’ll find in this Rival Gaming production.

How to Win on Heroes’ Realm

You’ll only see a single symbol on each of the reels per spin – against the background of a hugely muscled male warrior and more slender female one. The top paying symbol is an elaborate curved axe, which is worth 2250 coins (assuming 3 coins per spin) for a set of 3. This prize is a lot bigger than the mace, which comes next at 225 coins, and the prize for 2 of the axes, which are worth 180 coins.

Treasure chests pay from 1 on a line. This is worth 3 coins, with 2 worth 9 and all 3 worth 300 coins. Next come more weapons, with swords, shields, balls with spikes on a chain, potions and then a mix of sword, shield and potion.

To complete the symbols there are 2 different types which will trigger the bonuses. First, the crossed swords, which trigger the free spins – and then the skull with glowing red eyes which triggers the break-out bonus game.

Heroes’ Realm Bonus Games

Hitting 2 of the crossed swords will get you 10 free spins, while all 3 gets 50 spins. These are the same as the base game – and run through very quickly. The only noticeable difference with these is that a wooden counter board appears in the center top of the screen.

The break out bonus, triggered by 3 of the skulls, is quite elaborate – in a retro gaming sort of way. Here you are taken to a board with settlements on it, and pathways made up of squares. You get to choose whether the male or female character defends these settlements. Monsters appear, and you then move over to them, and click them with your mouse to attack. You keep going until eventually a bigger monster comes along.

This sounds quite entertaining, though for me is a let-down in terms of the graphics and game-play. This felt like something from the 1980’s. Having said that the idea is good, and the prizes can be worth ‘fighting’ for.

Design and Setup for Heroes’ Realm

Heroes Realm is not only spectacular ‘for a 3-reel slot’ – it stands out from many in the Rival Gaming range. Everything from the intro video onwards really does create the atmosphere of a fantasy world. There is a lot of movement on the reels, even between spins. With the two characters behind the reels moving slightly and a spiked ball swinging in the background. Each time you spin you will hear a scale on a cello, which is a little dark. The weapon symbols make metal on metal sounds when they land – while the treasure chest and potion have lighter sound effects. There is a continual sound of thunder in the background to complete the picture.

The reels do not appear to spin in this game; instead it looks more like the symbols quickly change around. There are animations for several of them. For example the chest will open (with a creak) and reveal sparkling treasures inside. Clicking the pay table button will see a wooden door close over the reels. This is a two page table which is inside a stone dungeon, and is worth a look for the design as well as the payouts information.

Your choices before spinning are the size of your coin (from 1c through to $10) and the number of coins played per line from 1 to 3. There is no advantage to playing the 3rd coin here, unlike on many traditional 3 reel slots.

Overall Experience

I rate this as a must see, if only to show what can be done with a 3 reel game and a little imagination. The base game is very atmospheric, and there is always the chance of that big 2250 coin win. The free spins adds a nice touch too. While the break out bonus game is an entertaining diversion, the graphics are not up to the same standard as the main slot here. Make sure you check out Heroes’ Realm for yourself soon.

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