Free Heavyweight Gold Slot

This is far from the first boxing themed slot ever made, though I will say it is the best I have played to date.

Heavyweight Gold has the element of cartoon-like graphics and humor which you will find in many titles from Rival Gaming. It is also packed with engaging features.

The highlight of these is the fight game, where you will get to attack and defend against opponents in a simulated heavyweight bout to earn coins. There are also expanding wilds, a free spins bonus game (with multiplier) and some entertaining graphics too.

How to Win on Heavyweight Gold

Unlike on many Rival Gaming slots, there is no big stand-out win from regular play. The biggest is the blonde haired boxer with the huge chin, which is worth 1000 coins for 5 on a line (and pays down to 2).

The key to winning here are the boxing gloves. These are wilds (substitute for any of the regular symbols to create wins) and also expand when it is possible to create more wins. What you see is lines going up either side of the reel containing a wild, then the gloves hit each of other once for each of the 3 rows, creating the wilds. There are 20 win lines in total, so you will have plenty of opportunity to create wins.

Other regular symbols include the referee (worth 500 coins for 5), the coach (400), gold belt (250), and bell (150). After this there is some training equipment and a first aid kit which provide the smaller wins.

You will find 2 special symbols on the reels. One is a model who holds up the signs (round 1 and so on), which triggers the free spins. The other is a dazed looking opponent with the letters KO on top. This triggers the break out fight bonus game.

Heavyweight Gold Bonus Games

A nice graphical touch for the free spins round is that the using counter box for your wins is replaced by two (cartoon) bikini clad models. These stand either side of the reels for your free spins, with one counting down the number of spins left – and the other totaling your wins. Those wins have a 3x multiplier compared to the regular game. You will get 10 free spins for 3 symbols on the triggering spin, with 20 for 4 and a generous 100 for 5. These bonus symbols are scatters, so it is the total amount anywhere on the reels which count.

The fight bonus game is much more visually interesting. You’ll see the blonde boxer punching the screen, and then be taken to the ring. You look over the shoulder of the blonde champ, and see a weedy looking opponent (first time). There are two buttons, attack and defend, below. When your opponent hits, you push the defend button – otherwise attack! There are health meters for you both, with the game ending when one of you has zero health left. This game includes the coach and referee getting having cameo appearances too. Once the game ends you will be awarded coins for your efforts.

When you go back to the reels, you will see that the KO bonus symbol now has a new opponent on it – this is who you will get to fight next.

Setup and Design of Heavyweight Gold

This is one of the better looking slots in the Rival Gaming portfolio. A lot of care and attention to small details has gone into the design. The reels are housed within a ring, and are transparent. This means that you will see the ropes and crowd when the reels are spinning. Either side are the red corners of the ring.

Symbols are bright, and while they are not the most detailed designs- they do manage to bring out the different characters involved. Each one has an animation, for example the dumbbell has an arm appear and pump it and the gold belt glitters. Graphics for the free spins game and the boxing match bonus are excellent.

Sounds effects are a mix. There is a laid back guitar tune which plays between spins – which does get a little repetitive. While you spin a very standard computer noise plays, with cymbal crashes when the KO symbols appear.  Contrasting with this are some big fight noises and cheers from the crowd, which are much more on-topic.

The setup is a standard 20 win line, 5 reel slot with 3 rows of symbols on each of the reels. You could lower the number of lines – though I would advise against, as it decreases the effectiveness of the expanding wilds. You can also adjust the coin size, number of coins per line and whether to play manually or automatically.

Overall Experience

This is a solid slot, with excellent graphics and a lot of different things going on. For me Heavyweight Gold ticks all the right boxes, I’ll be back for another spin at some point soon.

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