Golden Gorilla Slot from Rival Gaming

The first thing you’ll notice when playing this slot is the unusual sound that plays while the reels are spinning. This is the sound of falling rocks and trampled foliage – designed to give you the impression that the main character (a big purple gorilla) is coming through the jungle towards you!

Golden Gorilla is a colorful 5 reel video slot from Rival Gaming. It has 50 win lines and feels a lot more up to date than many of their other titles. The main attractions are the expanding wild symbols (which come with multipliers in the bonus games), plus the 2 free spins and 1 break out bonus game. Unusually, these are ‘nested’, you’ll start with the regular free spins, from where it is possible to hit the super free spins – which in turn gives you access to the break out game.

How to Win on Golden Gorilla

50 win lines gives you plenty of opportunities to line up the symbols – and the top prizes are certainly worth lining up. If you hit 5 of the purple gorilla symbols on a win line you will receive 5000 coins, with 4 worth 888, 3 getting you 88 coins and 8 coins for just 2.

What is even better about seeing the gorillas on the reel is that these are expanding wild symbols. When it is possible to create more wins by substituting for other symbols, the gorillas expand to fill all 3 spots on the reel. This will often create multiple wins from the same spin. The animation for this is very intensive, involving a gorilla coming right at you from the reels.

Next in terms of payouts comes the gold coins. These are worth 2500 coins for 5, 500 for 4 with 50 for 3 and 5 for just 2. All of the other symbols will need a minimum of 3 from the left to trigger a win. Dragons at 750 for 5 and sabre toothed tigers at 500 are the next biggest prizes. There are plenty more symbols which fit nicely with the jungle theme on this slot. These include a blue monkey, guy and a girl, stone gorilla head carving, snake, egg, orchid and fruit.

There is one remaining symbol during regular play, which looks like a golden statue of the gorilla. This is the scatter symbol, which triggers the first of the bonus rounds.

Golden Gorilla Free Spin Games

As usual, the number of free slot games you receive depends on the number of bonus symbols you hit for the triggering spin. The smallest number is 15 for 3 of the icons, with 25 for 4 and 50 spins for 5.

The game is essentially the same, with the main change being that wins involving the expanding wild symbols are doubled. You will also have the chance to hit more free spins, by hitting 3+ of the bonus icons again.

Super free spins have a 3x multiplier for the wilds, which can really help those wins to add up nicely. There is also a new symbol on the reels in the form of an orange dragon. 3+ of these will trigger the break out bonus game. They also have a prize, as a multiple of your total spin amount. This is 1x for 3, 5x for 4 and 25x for 5.

Break Out Bonus Game

This game involves choosing golden statues of the gorilla, most of which have coin prizes behind them. As you choose one (there are 5 to start), this is smashed. As you choose another one the original is replaced. You keep clicking until you smash one to find the face of the blue monkey – at which point the game ends.

Setup and Design for Golden Gorilla

Like all Rival Gaming slots, you’ll get to choose how many win lines you wish to play before you spin on this game. I recommend staying with the full 50, as this gives those expanding wilds the best chance of making multiple wins. You can adjust your coin size, and the number of coins played per line to suit your bankroll.

The design is excellent, with the jungle scene really well done. The reels are within a frame which looks like an ancient ruin in the jungle. When you spin you will not only hear the sound of falling rocks, you will see them as well. A background tune plays which sets the scene, and there are more dramatic sounds when you hit wins (or the excellent expanding wild animation). Small touches like the laughing stone gorilla head are nicely done too.

Rival has saved the best for the break out bonus game, which is certainly worth seeing for the animations – as well as your chance to win a large amount of coins.

Overall Experience

For me this is one of the best slots in the Rival Gaming range, and is certainly worth a look. The regular part of the game is solid and enjoyable, and the bonus rounds with multipliers can be very profitable. Check this game out for yourself soon!

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