Gobblers Gold Slot Game


Thanksgiving, harvest time and turkeys are the theme for this real money slot from Rival Gaming.

I found this game to be humorous in places, and wholesome in others. The soothing classical type music playing in the background certainly makes it feel relaxing.

This slot has some notable features. First of all the turkeys create multipliers during regular play – which can really boost your wins. There is also a free spins game and a break out bonus round which involves finding turkeys in a pumpkin patch!

How to Win on Gobblers Gold

First the regular wins, which are headed by the wild turkeys. No, not wild as in ‘free’, those turkeys are captive and will end up on the table at thanksgiving. This is wild as in able to substitute for any of the other regular symbols to create wins. If you land 5 turkeys on any of the 20 win lines, you will receive 7500 coins, with 1000 coins for 4, 100 coins for 3 and 10 coins for 2.

Turkey multipliers kick in when they create wins with the other symbols. Any win you make with 1 turkey gets doubled. This is 3x if 2 turkeys are involved, 4x for 3 and 5x the prize on the pay table if you hit 5. During the free spins game, all wins are 3x in total – which means those multipliers have an even bigger effect.

The next best paying symbol is the lady carrying a big pan (which does happen to have a turkey in it). This is worth 1500 coins for 5, 100 for 4, 25 for 3 and 3 coins for just 2. All of the remaining symbols need at least 3 symbols from the left to trigger a win. These are the farmhouse (300 for 5), apple pie (200), basket of fruit (125), corn and pumpkins (90), single pumpkin (75), corn (65) and apples (50).

There are two more symbols, one is a farmer with a big gun – and the other one is the Mayflower (as in the ship). Both of these play a role in triggering the bonus games.

Gobblers Gold Bonus Games

3 or more of the farmer symbols will trigger the free spins bonus round. You will get 10 free spins for 3, 20 for 4 and a generous 100 free spins for 5 of the farmers anywhere on the reels. This free spins round is the same as the base game – only all the wins come with a 3x multiplier.

The other bonus round is a break out game, which is triggered by hitting 3 or more Mayflowers anywhere on the reels. Here all of the symbols turn into pumpkins. You’ll get a message pop up explaining that the turkeys have got into the pumpkin patch, and your task is to find one. You then keep clicking on pumpkins until you hit a turkey. This will come with a prize in coins, and the position and prizes of the other turkeys will be revealed.

Setup and Design of Gobblers Gold

This slot has 20 win lines, which are configurable. With the wild turkeys having big multipliers, I recommend you stick to the maximum 20 win lines, and adjust your coin size and the number of coins per spin instead. It is possible to spin from 20c and up – either manually or using the auto play option.

There are some nice touches to the design of this slot – though overall it is fairly basic (a little older) in look and feel. I like the way the yellow and orange leave jump around the frame of the reels when you spin. When you hit turkeys a sound effect like someone doing a bad impression of a turkey plays. This is actually quite entertaining.

You will find animations on the reels, some of them (like the turkey that pops its head out of the pan) are quite humorous! Again these are basic, more flashes and color changes than anything too elaborate.

Overall Experience

This slot does manage to combine some humor with being wholesome – though whether it stands up to the more modern slots in the Rival Gaming range is open to question. Having multipliers attached to the turkeys in regular play makes the game enjoyable. You can hit a bigger win at any point with these. The bonus game is not the best, though breaks up the game nicely. I think this is worth taking for a spin, try it out for yourself soon.

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