Gnome Sweet Home Casino Game

If you ever imagined the garden gnome ornaments coming to life and making their homes in your vegetable patch – then you’ll already have a good idea about the theme of this slot. As Rival Gaming real money slot games go, this is a more recent addition. Small touches which make the experience better like graphics which blend the reels into the surroundings, 50 win lines and  cute animations make this slot stand out from older games.

There is plenty to keep you engaged here. The most frequent feature is the expanding wilds on the reels, which will often trigger multiple wins. You can also play a free spins round (which comes with a 3x multiplier) and there is a break out bonus game too.

How to Win on Gnome Sweet Home

With 50 win-lines crossing the 5 by 3 grid, you’ll have plenty of chances to win. The biggest single prize comes from an elderly gnome smoking a pipe. Hitting 5 of these on a win line is worth 5000 coins – you’ll also get 500 for 4 and 50 for just 3.

Of the remaining regular symbols the female gnome in the red dress is worth the most, at 800 coins for 5 on a line. The cupid statue comes next at 400 for 5, with the bird house following this at 300. Playing card symbols make up the remaining regular wins. These are designed like they are built from wood, and have animals on them which become animated when you win.

The younger female gnome is a wild symbol. This only appears on reels 1, 3 and 3. When a wild can create more wins with the other symbols and lines, this will expand (using a growing tree type animation which sees the other gnomes poke their heads out) to cover all 3 positions on a reel. You will often find multiple wins coming from these expanding wilds.

There are two more symbols which trigger the different bonus games, these are both gnomes. The one with the bright yellow beard starts the free spins game, while the one with the white beard starts the break out bonus round.

Gnome Sweet Home Bonus Games

Free spins are the same game and ideas as in the main game. The key difference is that the wins you hit during the free spins are tripled. The number of spins you receive depends on how many gnomes you hit during the triggering spin. 3 gnomes get you 10 spins, 4 get you 20 spins and you get 50 spins for 5 anywhere on the reels.

The second bonus game is a pick-em round. This is triggered by 3+ of the white bearded gnomes anywhere on the reels. You’ll see a vegetable patch with 8 sets of leaves evenly spaced. Your task is to pick 3 of these,  which your gnome will uproot. Each one will have a prize in coins associated with it (each is a type of vegetable, for example beetroots or carrots). Once you have picked 3 you will be shown the coins for the other picks, and your prize will be totaled.

Setup of Gnome Sweet Home

This slot uses a 50 win-line configuration, giving you a lot of opportunities to win (especially when you take the expanding wilds into consideration). You can lower this amount if you wish. It is possible to play this slot for just 1c per line (50c per spin for all lines). You can add bigger coins or play multiple coins per line if you wish. As usual with Rival Gaming online slots, you’ll have the choice between manual and automatic play too.

The layout of this slot appears like you are looking through the fence into a garden. There are trees either side of the reels, and in the background of the reels you can see a pathway leading into the garden. While the symbols are larger and crowded together, each one is nicely designed. The playing card symbols are especially good – with animals alongside each having their own animation. If I have one small complaint about this game it is that the animations and associated sound effects are on a loop, making it hard to stop playing the slot and leave it on in the background!

Growing tree wilds, animated vegetable patches and characterful gnomes add to the overall quality of this game. You’ll hear a classical / string tune in the background while you play – which adds nicely to the summery feeling.

Overall Experience

This is a quality slot game with a quirky and endearing theme. There is enough going on with the combination of expanding wilds and bonus games to keep you engaged – and there is the potential for big prizes too. I enjoyed this slot, and will be back for another spin at some point soon – check out Gnome Sweet Home for yourself soon.

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