Future Fortunes Slot

You’ll be joining Madame Zarah for this game – a gypsy fortune teller character. Future Fortunes is a 5 reel online slot from Rival Gaming which focused on ways to predict the future. I have to hand it to the researchers here, they have come up with a lot of different prediction methods from different cultures and times. These include Nostradamus, a magic 8 ball, the eye in the pyramid and even a Chinese fortune cookie.

There are 3 good reasons to give this colorful slot a try. First of all the wins from regular play can be fairly big. Second the free spins bonus involves special ‘can’t lose’ free spins, and third there is a bonus game where you will help a character called Omar choose tarot cards.

Future Fortunes With Two Bonus Games

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  • How to Win on Future Fortunes

    With 20 lines across the 5 reels, there are plenty enough opportunities to line up the symbols in this game. The one you’ll want to see a lot of is the crystal ball. This is the wild symbol, so it creates wins with any of the regular symbols. It also has the highest prize of any individual symbol, clocking in at 5000 coins if you get 5 on a win line, 1000 coins for 4 (and 100 / 10 for 3 and 2). This is the only symbol which pays out for 2 on a line, all of the others do require a minimum of 3.

    The next biggest prize is for the gypsy fortune teller, which is worth 500 coins for 5 on a line, followed by Madame Zarah (400 for 5), the Chinese fortune cookie (35), magic 8-ball (300) and then Nostradamus at 150. There are other symbols adding smaller wins (no playing cards involved), these are the palm, gypsy caravan, the oracle and the eye in the pyramid.

    Two scatter symbols – the Ouija board and the tarot cards – trigger bonus features.

    Bonus Games in the Future Fortune Slots

    There are two very distinctive bonus games in Future Fortunes. Lining up 3 of the Ouija boards will trigger the free spins game. You only get 5 spins, though these are special ‘no lose’ spins, and the first reel will be completely wild throughout. This means wins fly in, and the total (which is displayed below the reels) can go up quickly.

    The second bonus game is a break out bonus, where you’ll take the role of a character known as ‘Mr. Omar’ to guess the matching tarot cards. You will see a big card and then 2 cards beside it. You click on one of the cards, hoping to find a match. If successful the next round adds one more of the face-down cards each time until you guess wrong. At this point the game will total the number of coins you have won.

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    Setup and Design of Future Fortunes

    Like all Rival Gaming online slots, you will have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the number of win lines you play and coins played per line. 20 is the default and maximum, though you can lower this if you wish. You can spin for a minimum of 1c per line, or raise this to 25c coins and 10 coins per line for a $50 if that suits your bankroll better.

    The slot looks like a riot of ill-suited colors – with the purples and deep reds emphasized. It is one of those where the graphics are smart, though would not win any design awards. You’ll find the classic Rival Gaming cartoon type drawings, with many of the characters staring right out of the reels at you! A mystical sounding (computer generated) tune plays I in the background. There are animations on the symbols, with flashing boxes around them too. Again these are good, though nothing that would strike a slots fan as extraordinary.

    Animations do improve during the tarot reading bonus game – where Mr. Omar chooses from nicely drawn cards. One small though nice touch is the disappointed sound of an unseen audience when you finally pick the wrong card.

    Overall Experience

    This is a very colorful slot, and is certainly entertaining enough to take for a quick spin. If you like the mystic side of life, then the mix of symbols and ideas could be appealing too. From a practical perspective the no-lose free spins are worth hitting, while you’ll have the chance of winning big on the tarot card bonus game.