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When you think of the term ‘flea market’, I’m sure like most people you think of second hand goods, brick-a-brack and maybe the odd antique. Rival Gaming has kept this concept for this 3 reel online slot game, and then added an extra. This particular flea market is actually run by, and created for, fleas. This is a simple game in most ways, though the main reason to play is not flashy bonus rounds – it is the 10,000 coin top prize you’ll get for lining up 3 of the diamond rings.

You’ll see the fleas in action on the top right section of the screen. Here there are two involved in some kind of market transaction, while a smaller one sits with a candy on a table. The fleas also appear when you hit wins. There are animations which depend on which win you hit. These range from lots of small fleas with candy, through to a big one walking by under a spotlight carrying a big chest of drawers.

Underneath the logo and flea pictures are the reels. As you might expect from a 3 reel game, these are created to look like they are curved – in line with the original mechanical games. The only traditional symbols you will find are bars, which come in the usual 1, 2 and 3 format. There are also candies, diamond rings, a chest of draws and the diamond rings.

The entire left hand side of the screen is the pay table. You will notice that there are only entries for 1 and 2 coins – and not the usual 3. The top prize for the 2nd coin is a lot more than double the same prize for 1 coin, making it worthwhile playing 2 as your default.

Across the bottom of the screen you will find the controls. The options you get to select are the size of your coin (from $1 to $25), the number of coins per spin (1 or 2) and the optional bet max and auto buttons – and of course you can’t miss the bright red spin button.

Winning Spins on the Flea Market Slot

The biggest prize is a large 10,000 coins for 2 coins when you line up 3 of the diamond rings. The same line up for 1 coin is 4000 coins. Those rings also act as wild symbols, replacing any of the others to create more wins. When you hit a win with 2 other symbols and 1 diamond ring, the prize shown is doubled. When you win with 2 rings and 1 symbol, then you are paid 4x the amount listed.

Next in the payouts comes the chest of draws, where you will get 200 coins for 3 with 2 coins played. The candy, which has a red spiral design comes next. This is worth 80 coins for 3, and also pays 2 coins for just 1 anywhere on the reels and 6 coins for 2. Bar symbols are worth 60 (3-bar), 50 (2-bar) and 24 (1-bar). Finally, any 3 mixed bar symbols pays 6 coins.

Overall Experience with the Flea Market Slot

This is a simple game, with the ‘joke’ about fleas and the flea market being the big theme. There are some nice touches. The animations of fleas when you win and the  slightly crazy music, for a start. The main reason to play is the chance of a 10,000 coin top prize for just 2 coins per spin. Double or even 4x regular wins via the wild symbols are another notable feature. If you enjoy traditional 3 reel online slot games, then why not give Flea Market a try?

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