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Firestorm 7 is a 3 reel slot that really stands out from others in this category. While many of the symbols on the reels are traditional, for example bars and 7’s, the game play is not traditional at all. This slot has a striking design, which becomes even more striking when you hit the free spins bonus game – and the whole things bursts into flames. There are also scatter symbols on the reels, plus plenty of ways to win big from the standard game play too.

Yellow gas canisters, which stand at either side of the reels, will catch your eye as soon as you load up this game. Around the reels you will find piping, with the entire top section – including the logo for the game – a sea of red and orange flames. Unusually, the pay table for this 3 reel slot is found on a separate screen (there are 2 of them). The buttons to select your coins and spin are also a rich mixture of red and orange. A classical track plays, the kind of track you might get in a movie or TV show when something dramatic is about to happen. When you hit the spin button there is the sound of a blowtorch while the reels spin.

In an acknowledgement of the 3 reel roots of this game, the white reels are given a curved look. Many of the symbols are familiar, including the 1, 2 and 3 bars and red, and yellow stars. There are some new symbols – in fact the biggest prizes come from a zippo lighter! You will also see a gas canister and a gas can on the reels.

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Wins on Firestorm 7

Before you spin, you get to choose the size of your coin and how many you wish to play. Normally on 3 reel slots, the 3rd coin gives you a (proportional) bump in the payouts. On this game these are all proportional, so your returns are not adversely affected by playing less than 3 coins.

The biggest regular payout is for 3 of the zippo lighters on the win line. This is worth 7500 coins (all the win amount below assume you are playing the maximum 3 coins). Next comes the yellow stars, which are worth 3000 coins, with the red stars next at 1260. Any 3 mixed stars gets you 300 coins, though the actual next highest payout comes from 3 of the 3 bars, which gets you 450 coins. The other combinations of bars and mixed bars make up the smaller payouts for Firestorm 7.

Cans of gas (the Gerry cans) are scatter symbols, and will pay out from just 1 on the win line. 1 gets you 3 coins, 2 are worth 120 coins and 3 a generous 2400 coins.

The final symbol on the reels is the explosive gas tank – this triggers the free spins bonus game.

Free Spins on Firestorm 7

There are two reasons that the free slot spins are worth hitting. First is the obvious one, the extra wins! These come with a 3x multiplier which makes the top prize a huge 22500 for 3 of the zippo lighters. The other reason is the special visual effects. The entire slot becomes engulfed in flames while you play, this is excellent and has many details, even down to the small pieces of ash floating by when the bonus round ends.

You’ll get 7 free spins for hitting 2 of the gas canisters, and 21 free spins for 3.

Overall Experience

Yet another 3 reel slot from Rival Gaming which takes and old genre and manages to breathe new life into it. I recommend Firestorm 7 for 2 reasons. First the excellent graphics, effects and game play – and second the chance of some very big wins. Check it out for yourself soon!


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