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Having played Fantastic Fruit I can confidently announce having found the most simple and straightforward online slot game ever! This is a 3 reel slot, which like many in the genre is created to look like the original mechanical devices. On the reels you will find the traditional fruit symbols, along with a single bar symbol.

There are no frills, gimmicks or wilds in this game – it is simply a matter of choosing your coins and hitting that spin button to see if you can line up the fruits.

The left hand side of the screen is fully taken up with a picture of a lot of types of fruit. There are many more here than you will find on the reels. A bunch of bananas takes a central role, as does a large pineapple (a little too large in proportion to the bananas to be pedantic about it!). There is also an orange, kiwi and grapes.

Unusually the pay table is above the reels on the right hand side of the screen. There is a simple logo for the slot above this. The different wins are laid out with the win amounts for 1, 2 and 3 coins beside each.

Reels are very simple, though clear and clean. There is a light effect which emphasizes the curve of the reels. The symbols with the fruits are a lot more detailed than the traditional slot symbol drawings, with light effects on each.

The control panel for your spins is beneath the reels. You can select the number of coins, size of each coin and use the handy auto play button.

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Winning Combinations on Fantastic Fruit

Cherries are not usually the biggest paying symbol – though on Fantastic Fruit they pay individually, for 2 and then the maximum prize for 3 on the single win line.

The biggest win is 400 coins, which comes from lining up 3 cherries while playing the maximum 3 coins. If you are not familiar with the strategy for 3 reels slots, then you should always play 3 coins (lowering the coin denomination if needed) as this gets you proportionally bigger prizes at the top end of the pay table. All of the wins noted in this review will assume you are playing the maximum number of coins.

2 cherries are good for 15 coins, with a single one paying a useful 3 coins each time.

Bar symbols come next (30 coins for 3), with plums giving you 60 coins, apples 90 and lemons 120.

Each of the bigger wins comes with an animation, as well as a tinkling sound effect. For example bananas can rain down from the top of the slot, or plums might roll across the bottom.

Overall Experience

If you like traditional slot gaming with no frills or gimmicks, then they do not get any plainer than Fantastic Fruit. This is a cleanly designed and fast playing slot, which will take you back to the very first mechanical machines. For me it is not engaging enough for a second try, though if you are a big fan of this genre, it could well be worth a look.

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