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Think Rock N Roll music, jukeboxes and Teddy boys and you are in the right era for Doo-Wop Daddy-O from Rival Gaming. This is a 5 reel video slot with a decidedly 1950’s feel. Everything from the design of the symbols to the rocking music you’ll hear when you spin the reels fits together nicely in this game.

There are plenty of ways to win too. Regular wins have a top prize of 10,000 coins from a single line, while the free spins round comes with a 3x multiplier on top. In addition, there is a break out bonus round, where you’ll get to participate in a drag race in a 1950’s style truck.

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How to Win on Doo-Wop Daddy-O

The wild symbol on this slot is made to look like a neon sign from the entrance to a diner. This not only creates wins with the other regular symbols by substituting for them, it is also the single biggest prize symbol by some considerable margin. Landing 5 wild symbols on one of the 20 win lines during regular play will net you 10,000 coins. 4 of them are worth 1000, 3 get you 100 and you’ll even get a consolation prize of 10 coins for just 2.

After the wild, the prize for the ‘jackpot’ symbol seems kind of low. This is the motorbike, and is worth 600 coins for 5. After this the Teddy boy (400), girl in green (also 400), what looks like the owner of the diner (200) and girl in pink (150) are the next best paying symbols. There is a pink poodle, roller skate, jukebox and vinyl record symbol to make up the smaller wins.

Free spins are triggered by what could either by a milkshake or an ice cream sundae. The final symbol is a bright red truck with a flame on the front – 3+ of these will trigger the break out bonus round involving drag racing.

Doo-Wop Daddy-O Bonus Games

Free spins are straightforward enough, with the number of spins you get determined by how many of the milkshake scatter symbols you hit on the triggering spin. You’ll get 10 for 3 symbols, 20 spins for 4 and 50 spin for the maximum 5. Each of these free spins has a 3x multiplier. The only difference in the game during this bonus is that the music plays constantly (not just while the reels are spinning) and there is a counter in the top left of the screen showing your total prize and remaining spins. You can trigger more free spins – or the drag racing bonus game – from within this bonus round.

3+ of the drag racer trucks not only gets you the bonus, it comes with a prize as a multiple of your total stake. This is 1x that stake for 3, 5x for 4 and 40x for  the maximum 5.

You’ll go to a scene where you are insider a car, with your rival’s car alongside. The race is immediately on and it is up to you to click on the controls. There is a gearstick and horn, while I immediately got the hang of the horn – those gears did prove more of a challenge.

Setup of Doo-Wop Daddy-O

This slot has 20 win-lines, though you are free to move this number down if you wish. As with all Rival Gaming video slots, your coin size, number of coins per line and whether you choose manual or automatic play are all flexible.

The design is certainly well tied into the theme. The frame of the reels is a pink neon strip, with the background of the reels made to look like the typical checked floor of a diner. You will hear a background babble with the occasional clink of glasses between the spins. Things really liven up when you spin, as the rock n roll track kicks in. There is also the occasional buzz and flicker of the neon sign coming through.

Symbols are not massively detailed, though they are well designed. Animations for wins are on the subtle side. Think flashing and changing colors, rather than anything too elaborate. Graphics take on a new level in the drag racing game, where you’ll (hopefully) be pulling ahead of the rival blue car.

Overall Experience

This is an enjoyable slot in a crowded genre. The combination of visual design and music does bring out the 1950’s theme nicely. I am not sure whether this is as good as Happy Days by WMS, though it is certainly a slot worth taking for a spin.

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