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For an older video slot game, Dog Pound Dollars does have a certain charm to it. As the title suggests, the theme is focused on dogs. While there is a dog catcher on the reels, most of the canines featured seem very healthy indeed. These include a poodle, St Bernard and a Bulldog.

There is only the single feature for this title – a free spins bonus round. This does come with a 3x multiplier on your wins. It is also possible to hit some nice wins in the regular game – wild symbols doubling up any win they become a part of.

I would not set the expectation too high, this is a ‘first generation’ type video slot. Having said that, it is entertaining enough to be worth a quick spin, even all these years later.

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How to Win on Dog Pound Dollars

The symbol you’ll want to see the most of is the Bulldog. This is the wild symbol – and will substitute for any of the regular symbols (though not the scatter). It is also the top paying symbol by quite some margin. 5 of bulldogs across the reels gets you 10,000 coins, 4 are worth 2,000 with 200 coins for 3 and 10 coins for 2. This payout will seem even bigger when you see that you can spin the reels for just 15 coins each time. If a bulldog makes up a win with the other symbols, then the prize is doubled compared to what you will see on the pay table.

Next comes a pink tinted poodle with a crown! This is the jackpot symbol, and worth 750 coins for 5 on a win line. The other dogs make up the other good payouts too. Dobermans are also worth 750 coins, the St Bernard 400 and the others (it is not totally clear what breeds these are) are worth 250 or 125.

There are also various dog related symbols on the reels, each worth 100 coins for 5 and down. These are the dog catcher (the only reference to the title), tennis ball, bones and tin of dog food.

The scatter is a small dog in a green circle, with the word scatter printed around it. This will bark whenever one hits the reels. It has prizes and will also trigger the free spins game with 3+ on the reels. Prizes are multiples of your total bet, with 2x that bet for 2, 5x for 3, 20x for 4 and 500x for 5.

Dog Pound Dollars Free Spins Bonus Round

As slot bonus rounds go this is not the most engaging. 3+ of the scatter symbols gets you 15 free spins to start, though you can extend this by winning more spins while the bonus is ongoing. All wins have a 3x multiplier during the

Setup and Design of Dog Pound Dollars

The maximum number of lines you can play is 15, though like on all Rival Gaming slots this number is adjustable (you can play a single line if you prefer). You will also see flexibility in your coin size (from 1c up to $1) and can play between 1 and 5 coins for each line. This brings the maximum spin to $1 x 5 coins x 15 lines = $75 per spin – with the smallest sum for all the lines at just 15 cents. Auto-play is also offered.

This is not the most visually attractive slot in the Rival Gaming range – though it has a certain retro charm to it. For a start the symbols are placed on a shaded white background, with just the portrait of 2 dogs (bulldog and poodle) at the top to remind you of the theme. These symbols are decidedly retro in the way they are produced. There are some nice touches, for example the tennis balls which show you each of the win lines.

Sounds are a curious mix. You get barks when the scatter symbols land, and when you hit wins including the dogs. Other than that there is a low and quiet buzz when you spin, and a very quick drum hit when you win.

Overall Experience

This game is definitely a ‘back catalog’ number. Having said that it does have a certain charm to it, and would make an enjoyable game to take for a quick spin!

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