Diamond Dazzle Slot from Rival Gaming

This traditional online slot could make you rethink your assumptions when it comes to 3-reel slot games. Most slots in this category are created to mimic the mechanical slots which they are based on – with curved reels showing 7’s, bars and cherries. Diamond Dazzle looks nothing like these games, having an almost science fiction look with blues and purples instead. Though the reels are curved (in a sense) they are also transparent, containing vividly colored glowing gems of different shapes and colors on them.

There are more reasons to play than just the attractive graphics. You can win up to 1500 coins from a single spin. There are various ways of landing wins, even with just the single win-line. These include scatters, combinations of different colored (or shaped) gems – and of course the old school way of lining up 3 of the same symbol.

Music for this slot is an upbeat dance type track. This is like something from the 1990’s or 2000’s – and is on a long enough loop not to get too repetitive.

The reels take up most of the screen, with the visual setup more akin to a 5 reel video slot than it is to most Rival Gaming 3 reel slots. The logo is directly above the reels and includes the words Diamond Dazzle in an angular and futuristic font. The background of the reels looks like it could be a nebula, and the occasional sparking of stars in the background confirms this space feeling.

When you win more stars shoot up the slot and ‘dance’ around the logo – there is a separate big win animation in front of the reels too. The gem symbols have been beautifully drawn, managing to have a real glow about them. In contrast to the darker blues and purples, these are bold bright colors which have been designed for maximum contrast.

Unlike most 3 reel slots, you will not see the pay table on the initial game screen. This is complex and covers several pages. It can be reached via either of the two ‘pay table’ buttons on the top left and top right of the screen.

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  • How to Win on Diamond Dazzle

    There are a lot of winning combinations to get through for this game. Like on most 3 reel slots you should always play 3 coins if you can afford it. The returns are higher for this, so you are leaving money on the table by playing fewer coins. All of the winning amounts below assume that you are playing 3 coins per spin.

    Scatters, which are the darker gem which has a star-like pattern on it, are the best paying symbols. There are 3 different sizes of these. If you land 3 of the biggest ones on the win-line, then you’ll get the top prize of 1500 coins. The prizes for the smaller versions are much lower. There are also 3 types of diamond, which can be combined together for smaller wins – or landed together for wins of up to 600 coins. If you land the diamonds from smallest to biggest in order, that is good for 90 coins.

    The colored gems are next; these do have some big payouts – including 450 for 3 of the red triangles and 300 for 3 of the yellow squares. There is also a prize for any combination of 3 colored gems.

    With so many winning combinations, it should not be too much of a surprise to hear that there are no wild symbols or bonus symbols to further complicate this game.

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    Overall Experience

    There is no doubt that this is a beautifully put together game – with the stunning visuals and upbeat dance track giving a different feel to most online slots. I can see myself returning to this one in short bursts. Rival Gaming has successfully managed to breathe new life into an old genre with this slot.