Crazy Camel Cash Slot from Rival Gaming

Magic carpets, oasis scenes and of course; crazy camels are the theme of this solid traditional online slot game from Rival Gaming. In contrast to their complex and progressive iSlots range, this game takes you back to basics – combining old style 3-reel game-play with the chance to win up to 4000 coins from a single spin.

One thing that will immediately strike you with this game is the background music. If I described it as an intensive drum track with twanging Arabian tunes in the background it might sound odd. What you’ll find is that this is a real toe-tapping tune –  that brings out the atmosphere of the crazy camels while you play!


The top right of the screen for this slot is dominated by the Crazy Camel Cash logo. This shows several camels running in front of the great pyramids, with some palm trees to complete the scene. There is a banner type setup for the logo itself, with the trailing red ends going down either side of the reels which are immediately below.

As is the way with 3 reel online slots, they are made to look like the original curved mechanical reels of live slots. This is particularly apparent when you spin the reels, when you will see a light effect much more clearly. The symbols are nicely drawn with purple and gold bar symbols making them look different to those on other slots.

Controls for the number of coins are below, with a choice of your coin size too – a panel shows your total bet amount and any wins, while there are also purple ‘bet max’ and ‘auto’ buttons alongside the big purple spin button.

Wins on Crazy Camel Cash

There is a lot of information to cram into the pay table on the left hand side, which shows wins for 1, 2 and 3 coins for all of the different symbols. The reason for showing 3 wins is that they are not just a simple multiple of the coins played. In fact, playing less than 3 coins will decrease your returns on this slot significantly.

The biggest prize shows 500 coins for 3 camels with 1 coin, 1000 for 2 coins and then 2000 coins for the 3rd coin. This is an extra 500 coins compared to the first 2 prizes – and will make a big difference over time.

As well as providing the biggest payout, the camels are wild symbols in this game. If you hit any of the other symbols with 2 camels, then the prize listed is tripled. For example 1 gold cup and 2 camels is worth 1350 coins (assuming you play the recommended 3 coins).

Even a single camel gets you a prize, this is worth 6 coins.

3 gold cups are worth 450 coins, with the sheikh worth 300, palm tree (oasis) 195, and the magic carpet 120.

The smaller wins are made up by the purple bar symbols. There are the usual 3, 2 and 1 bars, with a smaller prize coming in for any 3 mixed.

Overall Experience with Crazy Camel Cash

As 3 reel online slots go this is a solid and enjoyable game. The action is fast and smooth, and the occasional camel on the win line will keep your bankroll ticking over while you wait for a bigger win to come in. The music is certainly worth hearing, and the design is well done overall. Remember to play 3 coins for the best returns, and enjoy lining up those crazy camels!


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