Chicken Little Slot from Rival Gaming

I clearly remember that the story of Chicken Little involve a mistaken belief that the sky was falling down. What I can’t remember is whether the chicken ended up being eaten by the fox, or managed to escape? Whatever the outcome this 3 reel traditional slot game is themed around the original story, and includes some nice touches too.

As you might expect, the young chicken is the central symbol in this game – along with the acorn which caused him to believe that the sky was falling and some other birds too. What you might not expect is the traditional blues riff which plays every time you spin the reels. The reel spins are too short for this to really get you tapping your toes though.

Graphically, this slot is older and less detailed than many that you will find online. The logo and picture of chicken little, an older hen and a Canada goose running away dominate the top right part of the screen. Under this you’ll find the reels, which are curved to look like one of the original slot machines – though the symbols certainly don’t look like they are taken from the originals. These are drawn in a curvy style, the bar symbols having numbers next to them showing the 1, 2 and 3 bar variations. These bars are the only traditional symbols, the others being the birds and the acorn.

On the left hand side you will find the pay table, which is fully listed (no need to go to a separate screen for the details). This shows the wins for 1, 2 and 3 coins next to each set of symbols.

Below all of this are the slot controls. You only have 2 choices; the number of coins to play (between 1 and 3) and the size of each coin (between 10c and $10). There is also a ‘bet max’ and ‘autoplay’ button as well as the big red ‘spin’ button.

How to Win Big on Chicken Little

As with most 3 reel slots, to maximize your returns you must always play the maximum 3 coins. The pay table shows that the top prize (3 of the Chicken Little symbols) pays 4000 for 3 when playing 3 coins, 2000 when playing 2 and 1000 when playing 1. This extra 1000 coins will make a big difference over time to your RTP (return to player) expectation, and should not be ignored.

In addition to being the top paying symbol, Chicken Little is a wild in this game. If you hit 2 of any other symbol, with 1 Chicken Little, then that win is completed – and the prize doubled from what is written on the pay table.

The next highest wins come from the Canada goose, which is worth 210 coins for 3 (assuming 3 coins), the brown hen (120 coins) and the acorn (60 coins). Bars make up the smaller wins with 3 of the 3 bar worth 60, 3x 2 bar 30 and 3x 1 bar 24 coins. The smallest win of all comes from 3 mixed bars and is 6 coins. There are no wins for single or 2x symbols (unless you also get a Chicken Little to complete your win).

Overall Experience with Chicken Little

This is an entertaining enough traditional slot, though is not the best in the Rival Gaming range. The theme is nicely produced, though feels quite dated in terms of how the graphics are produced. For me the best thing about this game is the music when the reels spin – though of course the wild symbols are also very useful!

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