Candy Cottage Slot from Rival Gaming

This colorful slot is based on the story of Hansel and Gretel. This was a children’s fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm about 2 kids who find a cottage made out of candy in the woods. Unfortunately for the greedy kids, this is owned by a witch who traps the children. They eventually find their way out by leaving a trail of crumbs.

The story of brought to life on the reels in several ways. One of the bonus games involves Hansel catching as many sweets as possible in his fat mouth – and the whole slot is made up of different types of candy.

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  • How to Win on the Candy Cottage Slot

    Even though the main theme of the symbols on the reels are candies (everything from chocolate to licorice allsorts), the highest paying symbol is the witch. Lining up 5 of these nets you 2500 coins, with 500 for just 4, 50 for 3 and 5 coins for just 2.

    Lining up wins is helped by an expanding wild symbol, which appears only on the 3rd reel. This looks like a cross between a witches’ cauldron and a wood burning stove. When it lands the entire reel becomes wild, which can create several more wins on occasion.

    Other symbols include Hansel and Gretel, in classic German outfits. These kids look so ugly and fat that it is hard to have any sympathy for them getting trapped at all! 5 on a line will net you 750 coins, with 150 for 4, 20 for 3 and 2 for just 2. The bread basket and duck follow on the pay table with the sweets making up the smaller and more regular wins.

    You’ll find 2 more symbols, the candy cottage and a locked cage – these are scatter symbols (not tied to the 20 win lines) and trigger the 3 bonus games.

    Candy Cottage Bonus Games

    Hitting 3 or more of the cottage symbols will trigger the free spins bonus game. This starts with 10 spins, and each of these will have a 3x multiplier compared to the pay table. A small counter will appear at the top left of the reels to count down your spins and total your wins during this bonus.

    Hitting 3 of the cage symbols takes you to a break out bonus game (via some animations of Hansel in the cage). You’ll see a large Hansel, and lots of sweets falling from the top of the screen. You need to use your mouse to catch as many of these sweets as you can. Each time you catch one, the total win in coins goes up.

    Eventually Hansel becomes so full that he collapses onto the floor, at which point the game is over and the witch comes to lock him up.

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    Setup and Design of Candy Cottage

    This is a 20 line slot, with the standard 5 reels with 3 symbols setup. You can spin all of the lines from just 20c and up – and will have a wide choice of how many lines to play, coin sizes and the number of coins you play per line. There is the ever-present ‘bet max’ and ‘autoplay’ option button available.

    For me this slot is almost too colorful. This is deliberate and meant to recreate the cottage filled with every imaginable type of candy. The logo a burst of primary colors, and even the markers between the reels are the classic candy cane designs with red stripes. The reels look crowded, with the kids, sweets and duck (I do not remember a duck from the story myself!) competing for your attention with the witch, cage and cauldron.

    Animations on the reels are basic and light, though the one for the sweet-catching bonus game is a lot more elaborate. There are some nice touches, like the screen being bitten away to clear between the different scenes.

    A cheerful tune plays in the background, this is on a short loop and did get a little too repetitive after a while. Listen out for the occasional rattle sound which goes with this.

    Overall Experience

    This is a nicely produced slot and does have a enough going on to keep you entertained for a session or two. Highlights include the expanding wild and 3x multiplier for the free spins bonus round. The bonus game appears to have an element of skill in it, as you’ll win more the more sweets you catch. You’ll either love this slot or be put off by the garish graphics and theme – the only way to find out is to take it for a spin!