Bust a Vault Slot by Rival Gaming


Even in today’s world of ever more complex and elaborate real money slot games, there are players who crave the simplicity and solid game play of the originals. Bust a Vault by Rival Gaming offers exactly that – a 3 reel slot game without fancy break-out bonuses or crazy behavior on the reels. This game is all about lining up the right symbols, in this case the broken vaults of a bank which land you the highest win.

The logo of this game dominates the screen visually, this is a vivid green with a pile of busted bank vaults behind it and sits on the top right. Underneath this you will find the reels, which have a grey stripe effect – these are designed to look curved, mimicking the original mechanical slot games. Directly underneath the reels are the controls and a LED type display which shows your bet size, number of coins and the win each time.

Like on most 3-reel slot games, the pay table is on the main screen along with the reels – rather than hidden behind a button. This is listed on the full length of the left hand side, with columns for your wins playing 1, 2 or 3 coins.

There is a heartbeat looping soundtrack while you play this slot. I can only imagine this is to recreate the tense atmosphere experienced by the person who is about to bust the vaults! Other than the continual heartbeat, the noises are whirrs, clicks and beeps – again doing a great job of recreating the noises from original mechanical slot games.

How to Win on the Bust a Vault Slot

You’ll only find a single win line on this slot, which keeps things very simple when it comes to winning. On many 3-reel slots, playing the 3rd coin unlocks bigger wins, especially at the top end of the range. This is also the case with Bust a Vault, here the 1, 2 and 3 coins wins for the best combination are 500, 1000 and then 2000 coins. This makes a big difference to your overall returns (in the long term at least) and means you should always bet 3 coins.

That top prize is for lining up 3 of the green vault symbols on the win-line. These symbols are also wilds, which means they will substitute for any of the regular symbols to create more wins. When you make a win which has 2 of the vaults, and 1 other symbol, then you get 3x the prize for 3 of a kind of that symbol listed on the pay table.

Next in the winning symbols list are the cherries (unusually, as these would normally be a lower paying symbol). 3 of these on the win line will get you 300 coins, while any 2 is worth 6 coins and just 1 is worth 3 coins. Vaults will substitute for just 1 cherry, so I vault also gets you 3 coins.

Oranges (225 for 3) and Lemons (90 for 3) come next in the payouts, with the 3, 2  and 1 level bar symbols clocking in at 75, 45 and 30 – all assuming you are playing the maximum 3 coins. There are smaller prizes for mixes of 3 types of bars or 3 types of fruit.

Coins and Coin Sizes

You can choose from a wide range of coin sizes on Bust a Vault. The smallest is just 10c, which gives a spin cost of 30c for the recommended maximum 3 coins. If you prefer you can go all the way to $10 for $30 maximum spins. There are handy bet max and auto play buttons available too.

Overall Experience with Bust a Vault

This is a solid 3 reel traditional slot, with fast and easy game play and the chance of winning up to 2000 coins from each spin. I thought the heartbeat added some atmosphere to the game, and that having the vaults as a wild symbol added some interest – you never know when a win will be suddenly multiplied by 3.

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