Baby Boomers Cash Cruise Slot by Rival Gaming

Baby boomers are the generation which were born shortly after World War 2. This was a ‘boom’ in babies, and those people are now about to retire – many of them having worked hard and saved money. Baby Boomer’s Cash Cruise is based on these rich retirees having cruise vacations around the world.

This is part of the ‘iSlots’ range from Rival Gaming. This is a series of complex and progressive slot games, which involve a storyline you work through – unlocking different bonus games as you go. This slot not only has different bonus mini-games, it has distinctive sets of reels with their own symbols and ways to win. As you go through the story you will keep returning to a spinning wheel which will select either a cash prize or your new destination. Don’t worry about leaving the slot before you complete all the parts, iSlots remember your progress – so you will start out where you left off.

How to Win on Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise

You’ll start out in a pre-vacation themed set of reels. Symbols here include your passport, sunglasses and maps. There are some big wins available even at this early stage in the game. If you land 5 of the greyhound type busses on a win line, this is worth 5000 coins, with the plane worth 3000 coins for 5 and the passport 1000. The bus is also the wild symbol, creating wins with any of the regular symbols (anything except the ship scatters) and doubling the listed prize.

All of the symbols require 3 or more on one of the 15 win-lines to pay out. There are plenty of smaller wins to keep your bankroll ticking over at this stage, though no free spins rounds are available until you get to one of your destinations.

What you’ll want to see during the base game are 3 of the front-on view of the cruise ship. This will take you to a wheel of fortune type wheel which may allow you to start your adventure.

Spinning the Destination Wheel

The destination wheel has colorful segments that have either coin wins (750 or 6000) or one of the 3 destinations on them. You spin by clicking a button in the bottom right of the screen. If you stop on one of the destinations (Greece, Alaska or the Caribbean) then you are transported to a new set of reels with its own symbols / wins and own bonus rounds.

The Greek Adventure

If you select Greece then you are shown a colorful animated opening sequence involving beaches, white houses with blue roofs and a goat (I think they were thinking about the famous Greek Feta cheese here).

The reels now change, with a completely new set of symbols and new surround. There is a mask of an Ancient Greek warrior, urn, temple, moped and Olympic torch – among others. The wild symbol is now the Dolphin, which doubles any wins it becomes a part of. There is a ships wheel which 3+ of on the reels starts 10 no-lose free spins. During these spins, Dolphin wilds fill all of the first and the 5th reels.

Cruise ships from the base game still appear, and if you hit 3 of these then you will return to port (the base game), from where you can spin a visit to the next destination.

The Caribbean and Alaskan Adventures

If you hit Alaska then you’ll go to a frozen set of reels with polar bears, salmon, seals and an ice pick on them. Look out for the very distinctive red mask with a native design!

As you might expect, the Caribbean getaway involves bananas, snorkeling gear and cocktails on the beach. There is a break out game involving sliding a puck along the deck at this point too.

How Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise Works

With so many screens full of different symbols and bonus games possible, it is possible to overlook that the base setup for this game is a 5 reel video slot with 3 rows of symbols on each reel. There are 15 win-lines (which are selectable if you prefer to play less) and you can choose coin sizes ranging from 1c up to $1. The usual bet max and auto-play buttons are available.

The graphics have the trademark comic-book / cartoon look shared by a lot of Rival Gaming slots. These are smart, though nothing that would make you see this as a masterpiece. Each symbol (including those in the adventures) have their own animations. These are mostly small, like bubbles or wobbles, or in the case of the goat, a quick shake of the front leg!

Sounds are good, though again not amazing. My one irritation with this slot is that the looped background tracks, though harmless enough, can get a little too repetitive after a while. Having said that there is a mute button in the ‘options’ menu.

Overall Experience

iSlots are innovative in their depth, rather than creative with the game-play. This is essentially 4 slots rolled into one, starting with the travel agency game and then progressing through the 3 adventures. None of the games is particularly outstanding, though the sheer variety will keep you entertained for a while.

I recommend this slot, whether you happen to be part of the baby boom generation or not!

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