As the Reels Turn 2 from Rival Gaming

This slot continues the hybrid of soap opera and real money slot games which was started in the original As the Reels Turn. If you enjoyed the original, then you’ll quickly see that this continues the complex and entertaining story of the Casino El Paradiso and the characters involved in running it. While you can play this as a stand-alone game, my view is that it is worthwhile completing the different scenes and bonus games from part 1. This way you will feel more immersed in the story, enabling you to get maximum enjoyment from the game (as well as hopefully land some big wins along the way).

During As the Reels Turn 2 you’ll progress along a game map. Different bonus games and scenes which cover the developing story line will be unlocked as you go. The good news is that there is already a part 3 to enjoy once you have completed this one!

As the Reels Turn 2 - The Sequal Soap Opera Based Game

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  • How to Win on As the Reels Turn Part 2

    When you first look, the game does appear the same as the original – though you’ll quickly find that there are some different characters in the symbols this time around.

    For a start Rex, the casino owner, has his own symbol. Two new ladies appear, in the form of Jamie and Vanessa, with an additional guy in the form of Danny. Chrissy and Tommy W and Matt G are no longer on the reels – though you’ll be please to know that Ivan the Piranha is still there.

    The best paying symbols are the Casino El Paradiso logo and the pile of casino chips. Both of these will pay 1000 coins if you land 5 on a win line during the regular game. The characters covered above have a max payout of 300 coins for 5, and will pay from 3 on a line, while smaller wins come from the letter, the lobster and the wine.

    Scatters and Bonus Symbols

    As the Reel Turns 2 slot has 4 different scatter symbols, which pay out regardless of where exactly on the reels they appear.

    First Danny pays out 50x your total bet for 5, 2x your bet for 4, and 1x for 2 or 3. This symbol will also trigger a special beak out bonus game where Matt (the casino manager) is looking for Danny. The idea is to find Danny (or rather multiple Danny faces) without finding Jamie, which ends the game.

    Ivan still triggers 10 free spins, which come with a 3x multiplier. The bonus icon will trigger the break out bonus game, which involves helping Matt sort counterfeit chips from real ones. You keep picking until you hit on a fake chip – with the real ones each adding the number of coins shown to your win.

    Finally there is an ‘advance to next scene’ scatter symbol. When you hit 3 of these on the reels you will get to see the next part of the story. At the end of this you will get to partake in a unique bonus game which goes with the clip. The first part is an entertaining game where you have to pick Val (and not Sal), who are the Don’s minders. Each pick wins you coins.

    If you want to check your progress through As the Reel Turns II slot, there is a ‘game map’ button on the top right of the reels. You can also find a more detailed ‘story recap’ via a button on the pay table.

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    How As the Reels Turn 2 Works

    There are 15 win lines on this slot machine game just as on the original – which you can adjust downwards if you wish. You can also choose your coin size, from 1c up to $1, and the number of coins played per line up to a maximum of 5. This makes it possible to enjoy this game for as little as 15c per spin.

    Visually this game is almost identical to the first in the series, with the distinctive black and gold surround and blue background to the reels. The same goes for the sounds, which are mostly beeps and clicks – with the muffled babble of a crowded casino floor being played in the background.

    Things perk up both visually and in terms of sound when you hit the scenes in the ongoing story. These are illustrated in a basic TV cartoon style, and the voices are nicely done with different accents and a depth of character which is unexpected for a slot game.

    Overall Experience

    I was already a fan of the first slot before playing this one – and it did not disappoint. Each scene does that soap opera trick of leaving you wanting to know what happens next. The different bonus games make things profitable as well as entertaining as you move through the story.

    You’ll get more from this slot by playing part 1 first, though there is no reason you can’t enjoy this title as a solid stand-alone slot.