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When you see a slot labelled as an ‘iSlot’ from Rival Gaming – then you can be sure that the story line and games have a lot more depth than those on regular online slots. A Switch in Time is a fantastic example of exactly this setup. The game starts in a steampunk Victorian era time traveler’s lab. There is a bonus game and free spins round just like you’d find with any slot. Where things really come into their own is that you also get to travel to the far future and to the past. There are 2 completely different sets of reels for these – each with an entertaining bonus game.

If that were not enough, there are plenty of ways to win coins in the normal way on all 3 sets of reels – by lining up regular, wild or scatter symbols.

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How to Win on A Switch in Time

There are some interesting numbers attached to the top prizes in the base game. For example if you land 5 of the hour glass symbols, which are wild, on a win-line you will get 6789 coins. There are 345 coins for 4 and 12 coins for 3. The scientist himself pays 1895 coins for the maximum 5, a prize which seems to tie in with the year that the slot is based.

Regular symbols have more rounded numbers for prizes, with the watch and clock the best paying – and other Victorian era items making up the smaller wins.

During the base game the lady with a mirror behind is a scatter symbol, which awards 12, 45 or 78 free spins for 3, 4 or 5 anywhere on the reels. These free spins come with 3x, 6x or 9x multipliers – which makes them more than welcome when they do come in!

There is also a bonus symbol, which is a picture of the time machine itself. 3 of these will take you to the first bonus game – which then allows you to travel either forward or backward in time to enjoy the rest of the slot.

Time Travel Bonus Game

First you will see a sequence where the scientist starts off his time machine, and then be taken to a screen where you are at the controls. This is a mixture of buttons and dials, with a display at the top saying ‘past’ and ‘future’. You choose buttons, which each reveal a cash prize, and keep picking until the time machine starts. At this point your prize is awarded, and you’ll be playing on a new set of reels.

A Switch in Time: Future Reels

Here the scene is very much far future, with robots, lasers and space ships – along with futuristic cities and planets. The best symbol is still the wild, which is worth the same 6789 coins for 5, though Is not a purple atom-like picture. The Victorian lady is replaced by an alien, though there is still a free spins game for hitting 3+ anywhere on the reels.

The only consistent icon is the time machine. 3+ of these will trigger a special bonus round where you get to hunt and shoot robots in a first person shooter type game. The graphics for this are excellent, and you can accumulate a lot of coins too. Once this is over you will return to the present day reels (well, the 1895 ones).

A Switch in Time: Past

This time you are taken back to the age of the dinosaurs. Symbols on the reels include a caveman, sabre tooth tiger, spears and a T-Rex. The cavewoman replaces with Victorian lady (and the alien) to trigger free spins – which have a 2x multiplier this time.

Again the time machine, which triggers the bonus game, is the only consistent symbol. If you hit 3+ you will start a game where you have to fight with a T-Rex! You will see 3 characters in the lower left of the screen, all facing the dinosaur. Each has a health monitor at the top of the screen, while the T-Rex has a monitor on the right hand side. You choose pistol, spear or fire to attack him with, and aim to kill one (or more) of them before you run out of health. Coins are awarded depending on how you do.

Again, once this bonus game is completed, you will return to the main game.

Setup of A Switch in Time

With all the variations and time shifts, it is easy to forget you are playing a real money slot which has 20 win-lines. Like all Rival Gaming titles, you can configure the coin size, number of win lines and the number of coins per line to suit your bankroll. You can play all the lines for as little as 20c per spin.

There are some really nice touches to the visual production of this slot which would make it worth a look even without the entertaining game play. For example hitting a win with the watch will get the hands of the logo clock spinning around – while winning with the bigger clock gets cogs at the side of the screen moving. There are plenty of smaller animations on the reels, as well as the more fully developed bonus games.

Sounds are better than on most Rival Games, again the highlights are during the bonus game.

Overall I would rate this as a must play for slot fans. The sheer variations in game play keep things fresh and engaging. When you add in the chance of hitting up to 78 free spins with a 9x multiplier, you’ll see that this game has the potential for some big wins too – check it out for yourself soon.

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