f market

Flea Market Slot Game

When you think of the term ‘flea market’, I’m sure like most people you think of second hand goods, brick-a-brack and maybe the odd antique. Rival Gaming has kept this concept for this 3 reel online slot game, and then added an extra. This particular flea market is actually run by, and created for,…

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f colors

Flying Colors Slot Review

You’ll love the bonus round in this online slot game. You get to pilot a WW1 era biplane, and shoot down your enemies! Flying colors is a beautifully produced 5 reel video slot from Rival Gaming. There is plenty more going on besides the dog-fight bonus too. The characters involved are the ‘real men’ of…

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For Love and Money Slot

The introduction video clip for this slot is not immediately clear on the topic. You see a damsel in distress, who is rescued by a muscular ‘hunk’ and appears to fall in love. When the shot changes to an author type guy under a tree thinking of all the money his novel will make him,…

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f fortunes

Future Fortunes Slot

You’ll be joining Madame Zarah for this game – a gypsy fortune teller character. Future Fortunes is a 5 reel online slot from Rival Gaming which focused on ways to predict the future. I have to hand it to the researchers here, they have come up with a lot of different prediction methods from different…

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g soccer

Global Cup Soccer Slot

The subject of this spot is a sport which is called ‘soccer’ by one nation of 300 million people, and ‘football’ by billions of people around the world. If your idea of football is a sport which involves people using their feet and a ball (rather than chasing after an egg), then this traditional 3…

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a luck

Astral Luck Slot from Rival Gaming

You’ll know from the intro sequence of this online slot by Rival Gaming that you are in for a real visual treat. This takes you on a vivid journey through the constellations, highlighting those commonly found in astrology along the way. The game does not disappoint – with a beautifully produced look and…

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