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Wild Games is a popular online video slot game developed by Playtech. The game is Playtech’s answer to a track and field themed slot game in the same vein as the Olympics. Everything about this game is fun, including the playful intro video you can watch while the game loads up. While the game includes a number of generic features, it is its bonus rounds which make it both engaging and lucrative. The game provides players with a number of opportunities for free spins as well thereby allowing them to significantly increase winnings with high frequency.

What makes Wild Games fun are the various symbols and animations that are well-integrated into it. The first thing that a player will notice is that the game strays from generic games in that it has not one, but three different Wilds. The presence of three Wilds immediately allows players to activate high paying playlines with greater frequency. In keeping with the Olympics theme, each of the Wilds will activate a special bonus round where the player is made to choose from three options to avail of cash prizes or additional free spins.

Key Features of the Slot

Wild games offers players five different reels and 25 different playline options. The maximum payout that a player can activate is a 3,000 credit jackpot. The jackpot is activated when players manage to land five different Wild Games symbols. Another attractive feature is the varied betting amounts a player can set. Players can bet as little as 25p per spin or as high as 500 pounds.

The Bonus symbols that are incorporated into the game include the three different medals – Gold, Silver and Bronze. These symbols immediately activate a multiplier. The multiplier that is activated will be heavily dependent on the number of Bonus symbols that a player has managed to activate. Bronze medals will allow a player to multiply his/her winnings anywhere between 2 and 40 times. Silver medals can trigger a multiplier anywhere between 3x and 70x. Gold medals trigger multipliers between 4x and 100x.

Perhaps, the most engaging feature of the game is its three bonus rounds. These bonus rounds are triggered when a player manages to activate stacked wild symbols on reel 3. The three stacked wild symbols are the Hippo, the Cheetah and the Bulldog. The particular bonus round activated will be dependent on the symbol that has appeared stacked.

The Bulldog will immediately activate the Freestyle Swim session. During this round, the player will need to choose one of three bulldogs as they line up for a swimming race. Depending on the position that the chosen bulldog finishes the race in, players will receive a number of additional free spins. Regardless of what position the bulldog ends up in, the player will receive at least 8 free spins.

The Cheetah will trigger the 100m race. The same principle will apply here with the player having to choose one of three Cheetahs. The number of free spins availed will be dependent on the chosen Cheetah’s final position. A minimum of 12 free spins will be awarded.

The Hippo will trigger the Balance Beam bonus round. This round varies slightly from the others in that a player will automatically be awarded 8 free spins but the performance of the chosen Hippo will determine the multiplier that will be activated for those free spins. Players can activate multipliers anywhere between 6x and 10x depending on the performance of the chosen Hippo.

Gaming Experience

Wild Games has become a popular game because of the way in which it strays from generic games. While most games include only one Wild symbols, the incorporation of three Stacked Wilds makes it far more attractive, offering an increased chance for players to multiply their winnings. Although the game is generally considered a medium volatility game, players will find that the game’s playful animations and theme will keep them engaged for hours on end.

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