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The opening screenshot to this slot is striking. A white lion stands on a rock, gazing out across the mountainous terrain, his stunning blue eyes particularly piercing. The winds sweeps across the scene from left to right, blowing the mane across the lions face, although he remains steadfast with a majestic air, living up to the ‘White King’ name. Alongside the central character of the slot you’ll find a lioness, a pair of cubs, a soaring eagle and a gleaming crown, all on a slot that features a free spins round where the white lion plays the key role.

When playing you’ll find yourself in the middle of a countryside scene with grass stretching out over the landscape. A mountain towers to the east, while at the bottom of the screen you’ll find some ruins, with stone steps leading up to what might have been an ancient castle, a pillar being the only reminder of the bygone stronghold. Both the title and the reels sit on top of the scene, these backed by a royal blue colouring. Each of the animal symbols is designed almost like a painting and these are joined by metallic looking playing card numbers and letters. A gentle, almost druid-like haunting sound accompanies the game, while the reels stopping might remind you of an army marching in time, all pointing to the time of ancient Kings

How to Play & Real Money Versions of White King

One of the first things you’ll notice when the game loads is the fact that each of the five reels is four symbols high as opposed to the more usual three, and this might be the reason for the slightly higher than average number of 40 win lines. This number is set as the default, although this can easily be changed by using the slider on either side of the reels – it’s worth playing about with this slider anyway, due to the nifty sound effect! You’ll choose your line bet size and then multiply this amount by the number of lines to set your total stake for the spin.

Of the standard symbols on the reels, the golden crown is the highest paying, giving a win of 400 coins when landing five of a kind. The lioness, the cubs and the eagle all pay 250 coins for the same 5, while the playing card symbols pay between 100 and 150.

As you might expect, the white lion is the wild symbol, although being the King he is no normal wild. This wild is stacked, meaning that you’ll find that entire reels will be wild on occasions. This can lead to a large number of wins, especially if the white lion appears on a multiple amount of reels. However, this is not the end of it, as the white lion is also the highest paying symbol of the whole game. Five of a kind pays out 1,000 coins, while just 4 of a kind pays out 200 coins, still in excess of the maximum prize for all of the playing cards. Would you like some more good news? This symbol gets even better during the feature.

The feature round is activated by the scatter symbol which is represented by the title of the slot. This appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 only and should it land on each the ‘Majestic Night’ feature opens. This is a free spins round where you’ll enjoy 5 free games. This might sound like a very small number, but these free spins are much better than the base game, this due to a much greater number of white lion wilds on the reels. Having played the feature a number of times, it would be surprising to not have at least one spin where you’ll enjoy a good number of multiple wins, so this is actually equally as good, if not better than many other rounds that have many more spins.

This PlayTech designed slot certainly has an immediate impact with the opening screen, and you’ll quickly become a fan of the white lion on the reels – the symbol is a standout one both visually and financially! Whether the gameplay is enough to keep you interested in more than just the short term is open to question however. With just a single feature and no features at all outside of the reels, a number of players may migrate to another game with more variety. Nevertheless, fans of quick playing (this slot has a turbo option to make it even quicker), nicely designed games may well be attracted to the ‘White King’.

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