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Spin 2 Million is an extremely popular online video slot game that has been developed by Playtech. What makes this game so popular is the fact that players can try their luck at winning massive jackpots and payouts with minimal initial investment. While it is generally considered a high-risk game, the potential for huge winnings is its most attractive feature. That being said, the game has not just been developed for high rollers. Minimum betting amounts are quite small and will therefore attract even the most conservative of players.

The theme of Spin 2 Million is in keeping with the game’s high-risk/ high payout scheme. The game incorporates an adrenaline-fueled plotline, with the three main symbols, the agent, the woman and the thief all looking to steal the bank’s riches. The agent and the woman plot and send the thief off to do his work. The game also background and other symbols are also in line with this theme. Although many features of this game can be found in more generic slots, the payout potential the game offers will not.

Key Features of the Slot

Spin 2 Million offers players five different reels and five different playlines. As such, the frequency with which players win is extremely low, but the luckiest of players can win up to 2 million dollars. The minimum bet on a single line is as low as a single cent, with the maximum bet rising as high as a hundred dollars. The game incorporates 12 different symbols with the Agent, the Woman and the Thief being the most valuable of them all. Spin 2 Million differs from generic games in that it does not incorporate a single Wild symbol. Instead players will have the opportunity to win using three different scatter symbols.

The three scatter symbols in the game are the main characters. When a player manages to activate three of more scatter symbols along consecutive reels, a bonus round is activated. The ‘Crack the Safe’ bonus round will see players playing as the thief, having to choose between three different safes in order to avail of large cash prizes and other bonuses.

When any of the other playlines are activated, a second bonus round known as the ‘Gamble Game’ comes into play. Since players have the potential to lose everything they have already won on a particular spin, this bonus round is completely optional. During this round, players will be made to guess what the symbol of a card that lies with its face down, is. If the player manages to choose correctly, a multiplier of 2x immediately comes into effect, allowing players to double their winnings. However, choosing incorrectly will mean that the player will lose everything they have previously won. Players can win up to $10,000 during this bonus round.

The game also offers different playlines that can be activated by aligning two or more of the other symbols – Note bundles, gold bars, and a briefcase and the Spin 2 Million logo. When the betting amounts are set to the maximum, payouts can rise as high as $2 million. depending on the symbol that has been activated.

Gaming Experience

While the game does offer some excitement through the use of a bank robbery theme, it is primarily designed for players who are looking to make a quick buck. The game is void of any special features that you might find in low risk games such as free spins or Wild symbols, but offers players the likelihood of massive payouts when one of the five playlines are activated.

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