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Spiderman first appeared in 1962 in the Marvel comic Amazing Fantasy #15 and would become a mainstay of Marvel comic books for ever more; spawning a great number of films alongside the numerous comic titles he would be the star of. This PlayTech and Marvel collaboration sees the comic book version hit the reels, with the opening sequence showing how Peter Parker would go on to become Spiderman. He is joined on the reels by Mary Jane Watson, the love interest of Peter Parker, as well as the Green Goblin, who certainly isn’t the love interest of Peter Parker. You’ll also find a number of symbols relating to the long running comics, including the high rise buildings he swings across, the camera he uses in his role at the Daily Bugle and the newspaper itself. This Superhero based slot is chock full of features – so many in fact that it might be impossible to activate them all in just one session.

The game is set against the backdrop of a city skyline at night, while Spiderman himself is found on the right hand reel, climbing up vertically as only he can. The whole slot has the comic book feel and you’ll find that the symbol featuring the Superhero is larger than all of the others (although it doesn’t encompass more than one space on the reels as you might find with some oversize symbols found at other slots). A lively, tension-building soundtrack plays throughout your time at the reels

How to Play & Real Money Versions of Spiderman

Before you embark on the numerous bonus games, you’ll find the base game is something of a standard one with five reels and a fixed number of 25 win lines. You’ll choose your ‘line bet’ size and multiply this by 25 for your total stake for each spin. You’ll gain standard wins when landing at least 3 consecutive symbols from left to right on a win line, with the biggest wins coming for hitting 5 of a kind. The green goblin is certainly a symbol you’ll want to see on the reels, as it pays 1,000 coins, more than 3x the pay-out of any other standard symbol.

The web backed wild symbol will substitute for any other on the reels apart from the bonus symbol and will enable additional wins. This is also the highest paying symbol at the entire slot, with a very impressive pay-out of 10,000 coins when hitting a full house of five symbols.

The features start with two randomly assigned bonuses. Firstly, Spiderman may appear and randomly turn 2, 3 or 4 symbols wild for the next spin, although if he should cover a bonus symbol, this will remain active. Secondly, occasionally he will appear in front of the reels and a camera will take a picture. This will immediately give you a cash win of between 3x and 10x your total bet size.

However, this is only the start of it. The bonus symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 and should it land on each of these reels you’ll be presented by 5 rapidly moving comic books. Click stop and the feature that relates to the comic book will start. The features are as follows:

Ultimate Fight Feature – This sees Spiderman face off with the Green Goblin on a rooftop. Pick symbols and hope Spiderman strikes and not his rival, as you’ll win a cash prize for every successful strike. If Spiderman wins you’ll win an added cash bonus.

City Chase Feature – You’ll swing through the city chasing the Green Goblin. On the way you’ll collect mini bonuses at various locations, while ‘hazard’ and ‘intuition’ symbols will help you along the way. The round ends when you reveal ‘collect’.

Hot Zone Free Games – This is the first of three free games features. You’ll have 20 free spins and Spiderman will randomly throw his web over a 2×2 section of the reels, which creates a hot zone for the next 3 spins. Should a wild appear in the hot zone, it will remain sticky until the end of the hot zone, and the green goblin turns wild and remains in the hot zone too.

Rivalling Free Games – You’ll start with 10 free games, the number shown in a countdown. Should the Spiderman symbol appear on reel 3, the counter will stop as the spins continue. Any additional Spiderman symbols will see the multiplier increase by 1 (from a starting point of 1x). The pumpkin symbol on reel 3 however, will reset the multiplier to 1 and restart the countdown.

Radioactive Free Games – This round gives you 15 free games, with an additional radioactive spider wild symbol appearing on reel 3. When this lands it will add another spider wild randomly to reels 2 and 4. The standard wild symbol doesn’t appear on reel 3 during this round.

All of these features might be enough for any normal man, but when you’re a Spiderman there is always room for one more. The final feature of the slot is perhaps the best of all – it’s certainly the most profitable. This is the Jackpot, which is randomly awarded (although the higher your stake, the more chance you’ll have of winning). You’ll encounter a grid of 20 squares and pick each one in turn and when you match three identical symbols you’ll win one of the four Jackpots – Power, Super Power, Extra Power and Absolute Power.

If you’re a fan of Marvel comics, or even drawn to Spiderman himself, you’ll certainly love this PlayTech slot, but such are the variety of features, that this game will appeal to all players. With five main bonus features, two randomly awarded mini bonuses and four separate progressive Jackpots to be won, this slot is certainly one of the best on the World Wide Web.

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