Piggies & The Wolf Slots


The Piggies and the Wolf is one of the most revolutionary slot games that have been developed by Playtech in recent years. The game offers the player everything, from stunning visuals and animation to multiple opportunities for payouts and increased winnings. As you can imagine, the game draws its inspiration from the classic tale of the three pigs being chased by the wolf.  What makes this game stand out are the number of variations and bonus features offered to every player. Players will find that it is not just the graphics that keep them glued to their seat, but also the frequency in which they win.

Slot theme

One of the main features that makes this game stand apart from other such games, is the graphic component. It seems as if Playtech have spared no expense in developing this game so that players can not only win significantly but can be constantly entertained by short animations that are well-integrated into the special and bonus features. The game offers the player five different reelsand 50 different playlines. As a visually appealing game, players will find that they can spend large amounts of time indulging in this slot game without tiring of it.

Key features of the slot

Piggies and the Wolf requires every player to play all the different playlines with the minimum bet being as low as $0.50 per line. The maximum bet a player can make on a single reel can be as large as $5,000. The three Pig symbols offer some of the highest payouts in the game, significantly larger than other symbols that are more commonly found. The Stacked Wild symbols also provides an opportunity for mid-sized as well as large payouts.

One of the most attractive bonus rounds that features quite frequently in the game is activated when Stacked Wild symbols appear on all four levels on Reel five. When this combination occurs, the game activates the ‘Huff n’ Puff’ feature. An animated wolf will appear and puff onto the various symbols before revealing the largest payout combination. This bonus feature provides an excellent opportunity for players to hit mid-sized payouts.

The game also integrates a ‘Free Spin’ feature. This feature becomes activated when all three pigs feature on the reels along with the wolf as well. The pigs and the wolf can be scattered across all the reels. When this combination occurs, the player will be awarded fifteen free spins. What makes the free spins round extremely attractive is the fact that during this mode, if a wolf appears on the right of a pig symbol, it will begin chasing the pigs across the reel from right to left, leaving a trail of Wild symbols in its wake. This will continue until both the symbols leave the reels.

The final special feature the game offers is the ‘Blow The House Down’ bonus round. When this mode is activated, a new screen will appear that will display the Wolf approaching three different houses. The player will then have to pick one of three moves available to wolf before it attempts to blow the house down. Every move offers some winnings all the way until the house is eventually blow down. This round will keep going until the player fails to pick the right symbol.

Gaming experience

The Piggies and the Wolf is one of the most creatively designed slot games available in the market. With 50 different playlines, it is also far more lucrative than other slot games especially if players take their time with the game and play with smaller amounts. The graphics are up there with the best slot games ensuring that every player receives a satisfying and humorous visual experience.

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