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This movie tie-in slot is based on the 2005 blockbuster directed by Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings fame) and starring Jack Black, Naomi Watts and Adrien Brody. Your first impression of this game might be that it is simple. As you play you will discover that there are hidden depths, including 2 different modes (Jungle Mode and City Mode). There are different bonus games depending on which of the modes you are in when you trigger them.

You start this game in Jungle mode. Around the reels you will see a dense green jungle, with the playing card symbols defined by the vines crisscrossing them. The main characters from the film are featured as symbols in full face portrait mode. These include the blonde Naomi Watts as Ann, a rotund looking Jack Black as Carl and worried looking Adrian Brody as Jack. King Kong also features (this is the wild symbol) and there is a logo as a bonus symbol too. As with many film tie-ins, the dramatic sound-track taken from the movie adds to the atmosphere. There are some short clips when wins are formed too. There are also more standard slot noises including dramatic thuds when the special symbols land.

Versions of King Kong

This slot has a 5 reel, 3 rows and 20 win-lines setup. You are free to adjust the number of win-lines if you wish. You can play this game with real money from just 1c per line, making the smallest spin for all 20 lines just 20c, with $20 per spin also possible. Auto play is offered too.

The biggest win comes from the King Kong symbol, which is both a wild (substitutes for everything except the bonus symbols) and a scatter (not tied to any particular win-line). 5 of these anywhere on the reels will get you 3000 coins, with 1000 for just 4, 100 for 3 and 7 coins for just 2. 3+ will also trigger the ‘Wild Jungle Respins’ while in Jungle mode and the ‘Wild Kong Respins’ while in the big city mode.

Of the regular symbols, Ann carries the biggest prize – worth 1000 coins for 5 going down to 5 coins for just 2. Jack comes next (600 coins for 5), then Carl and finally Captain Engelhorn. The playing card symbols ace down to 10 make up the smaller wins.

Logos are the final symbol; these do have small prizes attached – though their main purpose is to trigger the bonus games. In jungle mode, 3+ of the logos gets you the Skull Island bonus, which will lead to the big city mode when you finish. In big city mode, 3+ logos get you the airplane bonus.

Bonus Games on King Kong

There are 4 bonuses to cover in total – two each for the different modes in the game.

Starting with Jungle Mode, there is a respin game and a break out game in the form of the Skull Island Bonus. The respins come when you hit 3+ of the King Kong symbols. You’ll instantly get 3 free spins, the twist being that any wilds stay in place for all 3. The Skull Island bonus is triggered by hitting 3+ logos. This involves a map of an island, with lots of spots to pick from. Each will reveal a creature, with 3 of the same bagging you a cash prize. There is a single King Kong, which has a bigger cash prize. Once you complete this bonus you’ll go to the big city mode for normal play.

In the big city mode the free games bonus gets a little more complicated (in a good way!). For the first spin, reels 1 and 5 are completely wild. For the second spin, reels 2 and 4 are completely wild and for the final spin reels 1, 3 and 5 are completely wild.

The famous scene where King Kong is on top of the Empire State building, swatting down planes is also included. This is triggered by 3+ logos in the big city mode. You’ll have 3 chances to pick one of 3 planes, each one offering a cash prize. When this game is finished, you return to the jungle mode.

This slot looks simple when you first see it, and ends up having hidden depths and some interesting features. The dual-mode does help to keep things fresh (you do not switch between them all that often). Free spins games are on the short side, though they do have enough wilds to make them very profitable on occasion. I enjoyed the graphics and the sound effects of this game – which I would rate as one of the better movie tie-in slots around today. Check it out for yourself soon.

About the King Kong Movies

King Kong is one of those stories which has managed to capture the imagination of generations of movie fans. The first time this was made into a film was in the 1930’s – though there have been many remakes along the way, including a famous 1970’s version. Peter Jackson’s version of this film in 2005 brought the story to Hollywood blockbuster status – with more than $550 million in global revenues.

There were some worries about the budget during production, with the film costing more than $200 million to produce. Those cinema revenues, plus additional sales of DVDs more than made up for this. King Kong would go on to win 3 Oscars; these were for sound and visual effects – rather than for the actors.

Stars of King Kong included Naomi Watts, who played Ann Darrow – forming a special relationship with King Kong as well as Jack Driscoll (played by Adrien Brody). This film also stars Jack Black, who is a well-known musician as well as an actor.

King Kong has also been made into novels, with a prequel (the Island of the Skull) also written.

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