Incredible Hulk Slots

The Incredible Hulk is an online slot game released by the Ireland based software provider Playtech. It is a casino slot which should be played by all those who are fans of this Marvel Comics superhero.

The story unravels a plot which shows the Hulk as a monster in the beginning, who turns out to be a savior for the city as the game progresses. Incredible Hulk is a 5 reel and 25 payline slot game by Cryptologic / Playtech. This online slot game is connected to the Hero Jackpot, which all the Marvel slots on the Cryptologic / Playtech network are connected to. Playing this casino slot will give you the feel of immersing yourself in a Hollywood movie. The animation, sound effects, and graphics are of high quality, like a Hollywood action flick.

You can go in search for the secret laboratory and then smash away the army equipment which gets in your way of action. You will be awarded prizes for every item you destroy. You will receive an extra prize if you destroy the secret weapons lab. You can measure your health by a life meter which is shown on the screen. Your bonus will end when the life meter expires or when the lab is completely destroyed.

Bonus Rounds Featured on Incredible Hulk Slots

The game features a bonus round and a jackpot that is filled with 5000 coins. These jackpots can be won by anyone at anytime, irrespective of the number of paylines that are bet and the size of the wager. The game also features wild multiplier symbols, which help to complete the winning combinations on the paylines. The multiplier symbols are active during scatter symbols as well as regular gameplays. For instance, the logo of the Incredible Hulk is a wild symbol which doubles any payline wins, of which it is a part. The game also features a radiation symbol which is a scatter, that can trigger the Bonus round when three or more of them appear on the screen.

In the bonus round you are faced with 5 helicopters, which try to shoot you down. The Hulk can then select from a number of objects like motorbikes, police cars, and many other objects which are lying on the ground. Once you aim these makeshift missiles at a helicopter of your choice, a free spin bonus and a multiplier will be revealed. If you do not take this offer, then you will have to take the second offer which comes your way.

A Masterpiece from Cryptologic / Playtech

The creators of the game have reinvented the alter ego of the Dr Bruce Banner effectively. The Hulk resembles his movie counterpart exactly with muscles ripping under his skin and a very emotive face. The hulk has a lumbering gait and the manner in which he throws objects really radiates a sign of power.

The Incredible Hulk is a must try online casino slot from Cryptologic / Playtech. The company, which was found in 1995, is now a forerunner in the global gaming market. The company has licensed its games to many top e-gaming companies. The online slot of the Marvel superhero really adheres to the standards previously set by the company. The amount you spend on this slot will depend on your budget. Those of you who wish to play this game can download the slot software from many online casinos. The software can be downloaded absolutely free of cost. Following this, you need to register for an account by giving your details. You can then make your first real deposit into your account and the bonus points will be automatically credited to you.

Story Behind the Incredible Hulk

The Hulk is a famous superhero character that appears in Marvel Comics. This gigantic green monster with supernatural strength was first created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in 1962. The monster is an alter ego of the physicist, Dr Bruce Banner. He changes into the Hulk after he is exposed to radiations by the accidental explosion of a bomb that he was trying to invent. This makes Banner transform into the incredible Hulk, when he is angry or when his life is in extreme danger.

The aftermath of Hulk’s destructive episodes creates absolute chaos in the life of Dr. Banner. The Hulk is represented consistently in the shade of green. The Hulk has also been featured in a live action Television series in the 1970s/1980s. There have been 2 major film adaptations of this comic. The character has also been used for merchandising in the form of t-shirts and toys. The Incredible Hulk is a game that is a video adaptation of the 2008 movie, which goes by the same name. The game is filled with violent graphics and is given the Teen rating by the ESRB.

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