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“In the dark of night, where hell and earth meet, an unlikely hero will hunt evil down.” These words open the animated sequence that starts this Marvel comic based game. The Ghost Rider is stood in a graveyard and then sets off on his bike at full speed, chasing down and capturing a gaseous green creature using his metal chain. The Ghost Rider is Johnny Blaze, who agreed to give his soul to Satan, in return for saving his father’s life. When around evil, Blaze’s flesh is consumed by hellfire and his head becomes a flaming skull. This PlayTech designed slot features many aspects of the comic book story as symbols, including Johnny Blaze as himself and as the Ghost Rider, the devil and a bloodied contract which he used to sign his soul away. This slot has three particular highlights – a free spins round, a ghost hunter bonus round and the opportunity of winning four different Jackpot amounts.

Ghost Rider is an extremely dark comic, and this is replicated at this slot, with atmospheric music being joined by an edgy, horror filled presentation of the game. Each of the symbols is excellently designed and the majority feature even better animation, the highlight being when Johnny Blaze transforms into Ghost Rider within the symbol. The colour scheme sees a black background, with a splash of silver from the playing card symbols, while fiery red and orange dominate much of the other symbols.

How to Play & Real Money Versions of Ghost Rider

This slot has five reels and a maximum of 20 win lines, although this can be changed to any number below 20 by simply clicking on the up and down buttons on the control panel. You’ll choose the real money value in the same way and then multiply this by the number of lines to give you a total stake for each spin.

Fortunately you won’t have to sell your soul to the devil to land a win here, as this is much more easily achieved by hitting consecutive symbols on a win line from left to right. It’s clear that Johnny Blaze is the symbol you’ll want to see more than any other, as landing this five times in a row wins you a very impressive 10,000 coins. The horned devil pays 1,000 coins for the same full house of 5, while the top prize for any other symbol is just 250 coins.

The wild symbol of the game is the close up of the Ghost Rider, with his fiery skull in full view. This substitutes for any other symbol at the reels and will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. The wild gains in importance during the free spins feature.

A free spins feature is always nice, but add in a 3x multiplier and it becomes even better. This feature is activated by landing the title scatter symbol three or more times across the reels. You’ll have 10 free spins and as well as the 3x multiplier, you’ll also find that the wild symbol expands during the spins, making each potentially much more profitable than in the base game.

The final symbol on the reels is the Ghost Rider, this time on his bike. Every time he appears, he will activate the reel and when all five reels are activated you’ll enter the ‘Ghost Hunt’ bonus round. You’ll now ride along on the bike trying to capture up to 10 ghosts. You’ll catch a minimum of 7 and gain a prize each time. At the end of the round, all of the wins are totalled up.

Perhaps the best aspect of all however is the opportunity to win one of four progressive Jackpots. These opportunities are randomly awarded, although the higher your stake, the more chance you’ll have. If lucky enough to enter the Jackpot round, you’ll be presented with a screen showing 20 squares, each hiding one of four bonuses. When you reveal 3 of the same symbol you’ll win that bonus – be it the Power, the Extra Power, the Super Power or the Absolute Power Jackpots.

If designing an ideal slot, you’d want eye catching graphics, a good variety of features and the potential for that very big win. Ghost Rider ticks all of these boxes. The ‘Ghost Hunt’ feature is activated in a very original way and makes for a fun, involving game, while the free spins round enjoys both a high multiplier and expanding wilds. These alone would make for a recommended slot, but add in the four progressive Jackpots and you’ve got a slot that will be enjoyed by all.

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