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Playtech’s Fairy Magic brings you exactly that, by providing you with a vibrant slot game that takes you through an enchanted forest to spin your way to riches. The five-reel 15 payline slot game has a very simple and user-friendly design. Fairy Magic has a great earning potential, especially with the free spins and wilds that payout hefty amounts. While Playtech does not make the house edge of its slot machines public, casino forums confirm that the Fairy Magic slot has about a 6.11% edge in favor of the house.

The Fairy Magic slot game is a non-progressive slot with free spins and wild rounds to improve players’ earnings. The game allows you to use coin denominations of $0.01 to $0.50, making the maximum bet per spin $75. You must select your coin denomination and the number of paylines you would want activated before you spin the reels. You can change the the denominations and number of paylines after each spin.

The game takes you on a magical journey through a bewitched forest. The game employs very simple, yet creative, animations, adding to the user comfort level. Additionally, the green and gold color combinations on the screen just bring out the need to get richer quickly. However, the most positive features of the slot game are in its free spins and wild multipliers.

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

While the game does not have any bonus rounds per se, there are still multiple ways to increase player earnings playing the game. The Fairy Magic slot game consists of a number of creative symbols including a pixie, golden nuts belonging to a fluffy squirrel, tree houses, mushrooms and gnomes. The remaining symbols are the traditional high card values that are seen on multiple slot games. There is one symbol that is very important in the game though. The unicorn symbol is the Wild in the game.

Landing five of these on a single active line bet gives you 10,000x the bet you placed. At a maximum bet, landing the wild bonus causes the machine to shell out a whopping $50,000. Even if you get four unicorn symbols, the game does not allow you to feel dejected or unlucky. Instead, you get a reward of 2,500 coins ($12,500). The third highest award players can win is from landing five gnome symbols on a single payline, with a 1,000 coin ($5,000) prize.

The free spins, on the other hand, are activated by collected stars. Players collect a single star every time a fairy symbol appears. Each star is collected under the specific reel in which the fairy appeared. Once players accumulate four stars under a single reel, they are entitled to five free spin rounds, upping their chances of making some great money.

Game Story and Concept

The game tries to bring out the child in each player by providing them with a magical environment where nothing is really as it seems. This experience is paired with an excellent potential to earn massive amounts in the free spins and wilds. The game also gives you additional chances through the available ‘gamble’ option. This feature allows you to make a coin-toss on your earnings each round.

If you are feeling lucky, you could bet what you just earned and have a shot at making double through a simple card draw. You can go on doubling and quadrupling your earnings as long as you keep picking the right card up. If you lose though, you must be prepared to lose out on what you originally made too.

Online and Mobile Compatibility

Fairy Magic is available in all online casinos that are powered by Playtech.

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