Chinese Kitchen Slots

Chinese cuisine has the knack to surprise you, mainly because of the several interesting ingredients used in preparing meals and the variety of animals involved. If you’ve always wondered what that delicious dish you eat at your favorite Chinese restaurant is made up of, there is no better way to find out than by engaging in the video slot game of Chinese Kitchen.

This straightforward and fun three-reel, eight-line slots game allows players to bet one to three coins without any extra gimmicks. The goal of the game is to strike winning combinations. Your winnings will add up if you get multiple combinations. The paytable will display a specific number for each symbol you hit, and this number can be multiplied with a line bet to win big. All that is required of you is to spin!

Symbols in Chinese Kitchen Slots

A cheery and chubby Chinese chef, along with his assistant, appears on the screen to provide you with important information like the number of bets, credits, and wins. The symbols that appear on screen in Chinese Kitchen are based on themes of animals that are found in a variety of Chinese dishes. The most common symbols include Starfish (with a multiplier of 10X), Octopus (with a multiplier of 20X), Caterpillar (with a 30X multiplier), Fish (with a 40X multiplier), Duck (with a multiplier of 80X), Frog (with a 100X multiplier), Snail (with a multiplier of 200X), and Turtle (with a 1000X multiplier). If you’re looking for a payout, three of these symbols must be hit.

The bet you can place while playing the game can be between $0.01 and $5. The maximum bet you can place through coins is $120. Since there are no tricks involved in Chinese Kitchen, you can earn a good amount of money provided the game is played at a real casino.

Main Buttons in Chinese Kitchen

The five main buttons in the Chinese Kitchen video slot game include:

  • Bet One – It allows you to decide the number of coins you are willing to bet per line
  • Spin – It sets the wheels in motion
  • All Lines – It must be pressed if you wish to place bets on all paylines
  • Bet Max – It enables you to select every payline before spinning at the current bet level and coin value
  • Paytable – It displays the multipliers of payouts for every symbol that appears on screen.

Features of Chinese Kitchen

Playtech, one of the most popular slots machine developers, have taken the route of simplicity while designing Chinese Kitchen. New players will find it very easy to familiarize themselves with the game in a relatively short period of time. Players who enjoy bonus games, wilds, or free spins may not be very fond of this game, but it is sure to bring a great deal of excitement to those who genuinely love food! The range of bets, cute animals, and quirky graphics provide you with thorough entertainment.

The gameplay is downright hilarious, disconcertingly accurate, as well as highly addictive. The game offers an interesting insight into the cooking recipes of Chinese dishes and a fantastic jackpot of $60,000. You are not required to download any special platform to play the game on your computer – it can be played on the site itself. Three currencies are accepted – Euro, Pound, and Dollar. Although the game has so many interesting features, one thing that concerns most players is the absence of scatter icons or wilds. Since there are no scatter symbols and wild, the game has no bonus rounds either. But the pros still compensate for the cons, and a food-loving gamer is bound to add Chinese Kitchen to his list of favorites!

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