Call of Duty 4 Slots

Cryptologic / Playtech, the renowned slots machine developer, has created a video slots game based on Call of Duty 4. The slot is a five-reel, 25-payline game which allows you to place a maximum bet of 25 coins and claim a jackpot of 5000 coins. Extra wilds can be won along with free spin bonuses, and the game also has a little twist to keep you engaged throughout. Cryptologic / Playtech casinos pioneered the manufacture of slots machines based on hit video games with Tomb Raider and Hitman, but Call of Duty 4 from Cryptologic / Playtech is simply the best slots game in this regard.

Call of Duty 4 slots is a step ahead of most other slots themed around video games. The bonus feature in the slots version is a stage from its video counterpart. If you aren’t aware of the Call of Duty 4 series, it is an FPS (First Person Shooter) game themed around war. The slots game allows you to place a maximum of one coin on each line. The denominations you can use start from one cent and rises up to $10. With several options for choosing your denomination, you can enjoy it at your own budget. This game is perfect for players that prefer low limit slots or for the high limit player.

Symbols in Call of Duty Slots

The reels in Call of Duty slots feature symbols themed around war. These symbols include scattered logos of the game, wild soldiers, guns, targets, gas masks, and grenades. Each of these symbols is taken directly from games of the Call of Duty series. The soldier icons are wild, meaning that they can be substituted for all other symbols, except the scattered ones. If any active line gets 5 wild soldiers, you receive 5000 coins – the highest line pay. Based on the denominations you play with, you will be rewarded anywhere between $50 and $50,000. If the wild is part of any win, it automatically doubles to give you a bigger win

Exciting Features in Call of Duty Slots

Call of Duty slots has several interesting features to keep gamers thoroughly entertained. But the most distinctive feature includes the fact that the game does not end when the reels stop spinning. Each time a spin comes to an end, a soldier may run across the screen to plant a mine, or a grenade may fly and explode, adding extra wilds to the reels.

The Bonus Game

Getting more than two scattered logos of the game will trigger additional fun. Three or more logos will activate the COD bonus game where players will have to shoot so as to get increased multipliers and free spins. Players must note that the bonus game is based on skill, so it is important to have some experience with FPS games if your money is at stake. The bonus game is similar to a stage in the video game. You will have to control a gun while remaining stationary. Enemies will appear on your screen. You must aim to shoot as many as you can to get free spins. Hitting each soldier will reward you with up to four free games. Head shots reward players with an extra bonus.

A good aim in FPS games will help you win big as five consecutive hits in the slots game activate an air strike. Air strikes reward players with multipliers of 3X, 4X, or 5X for free spins. Extra wins are also awarded for each opponent that you kill during air strikes. The bonus game will run as long as your health does not run out (implied by the health bar)

Call of Duty: The Video Game

Call of Duty, COD for short, is among the most popular games ever designed for Mac, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii. Infinity Ward is the developer of the game, while Activision is its publisher. Call of Duty 4 is based on conflicts from the outlook of a Force Reconnaissance Marine in the US and a SAS commando from Britain. It is set in many different locales, like the Middle East, the UK, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Russia

Featuring mind-blowing graphics and excellent sound effects, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare received rave reviews – an average score of 94 per cent from Metacritic and Game Rankings. Many players regard it as the best game in the COD series. The story and gameplay received additional praise for raising the level of entertainment and engagement in shooter games. The game also bagged several awards from a host of gaming websites. Its laurels include the “Best Game for Xbox 360” by IGN, the “Game with the Best Graphics, 2007” by GameSpot and the “Best PS3 Game, 2007” by GameTrailers. Having sold around 7 million copies, Call of Duty 4 is one of the best-selling games globally.

Call of Duty 4 is a fantastic video game, and its slots version is just as good. Big jackpots, particularly on free spins, and the use of skill mainly for bonus games, make it one of the most enjoyable slots games out there.

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