Bejeweled Slots

Bejeweled is among the most popular and loved casual games in the world, and the developers at Cryptologic / Playtech have designed a video slots game based on it. Similar to the original version of the game, you will have to assemble matching jewels so as to win. The famous puzzle game in its slots version is a five-reel, ten-payline entertainer. Players can win a jackpot of 20,000 coins through this game. The top jackpot is a staggering $400,000, featuring a wild symbol as a standby.

Most video slots are a tad complicated for new players, but Bejeweled has a clear set of rules that makes it one of the easiest slots games ever. You will not need much time to familiarize yourself with its basics, and once you have comprehended it, the addictive game is sure to keep you around for a while. The random appearance of colorful gems on screen takes place when the “Play” button is pressed. The intriguing colors on screen will keep you captivated for as long as you’re at the casino or online platform. The sound effects are great, as falling gems are matched on the lines. A no download version of the slot is also available, meaning that it can be played directly through the Internet browser.

Symbols and Bets on the BeJeweled Slots

If you like playing casual slots games, or you like jewelry, Bejeweled is certainly one of the more interesting slots games for you. Costly jewels such as diamonds, orange gems, blue gems, green gems, red rubies, yellow gems, and purple gems, along with the Bejeweled logo are the wild symbols in the game. All symbols have twenty-two winning combinations. Bet limits can be set with relative ease. Any denomination of coins, ranging from $0.10 to $20 may be chosen.

When it comes to line bets, the maximum amount you are allowed to place is $20. But covering all the paylines will allow your max bet for each spin to add up to around $200. $0.10 is the minimum bet for each line, and since there are ten active paylines, it will add up to $1. Your odds of winning will increase depending upon the number of paylines you choose to activate.

Jackpots in Bejeweled Slot

If you place the maximum bet for each line, that is $20, you stand a chance to win one among these jackpots:

  • 20,000 coins – the highest jackpot in the game, or $400,000 by collecting five logos of the game on your tenth payline.
  • 1000 coins – the second highest paying jackpot, or $20,000 by collecting five logos of the game in one of the paylines, from one to nine.
  • 500 coins – the third highest paying jackpot, or $10,000 by gathering five diamonds

The gamble option in Bejeweled can be highly rewarding. If matching symbols appear on payline number five and a winning combination is triggered. Along with a winning combination on one of the paylines between six and ten, your jackpot win will be 8000 coins, which can be converted into a prize of $160,000 if the max bet for each line is staked.

Other Features

The Bejeweled logo, a wild icon, can be substituted with any symbol when there’s a winning combo, increasing your odds of winning big. The Autoplay feature in the slots game allows you to set almost 999 automatic spins. Just relax and let the slots machine trigger on your behalf and give you an increasing number of winning combos. The Gem Swap theme of Bejeweled video slot makes it a game which isn’t only easy to play, but also easy to win. More gems can be purchased when you win at the slots game, making Bejeweled an entertaining and addictive video slots game. The game is currently not available for mobiles.

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