Zreczny Magik Slot from Novomatic


This slot has the two sets of three reels setup which was hugely popular in bars and casinos throughout Europe a few years ago. The central idea in the game is that you hit wins on the lower set of reels, which gives you credits to play on the upper set (where there are bigger potential rewards). The word ‘Zreczny’ comes from Polish, with an approximate translation somewhere between ‘skillful’ and ‘smart’. The game is quite similar to the fruit machines found in the UK. As well as the upper reels, this slot has a ‘hold’ system, where you can spin with 1 or 2 of the lower reels held in place.


How to Win on Zreczny Magic

You’ll play the bottom set of reels first, which has just a single win-line. The pay table, which is visible at all times to the right and above the lower reels, shows that there are a lot of ways to win. Most of these come from lining up some very traditional slot symbols – though there are also wins which are combinations of symbols with the black single bar.

The biggest win comes from 3 of the blue and white stars, these are worth 200 coins for 3 on the single win line. Melons are the only other 3-figure symbol, worth 100 for 3. After that there is a sharp drop off with the next best symbols (bells and grapes) worth 20 coins for 3, and then the fruits coming in at 16 or 12 coins. A combination of 2 fruit symbols and a bar is worth the same amount as 3 of that fruit.

If you hit 2 of a kind on a spin and do not make a win, you have the opportunity to hold the reels (this is done automatically, though you can click the ‘hold’ buttons again to turn this off). You will still have to pay to spin a single reel, though you’ll have a bigger chance of making a win.

Cherries have more winning potential, as 2 of a kind pays 4 coins. If you get just 1 cherry, you get a 50-50 chance of winning 4 coins.

Crown symbols are scatters, and will pay for 3 of a kind anywhere on the 3×3 grid of the reels – these are worth 20 coins for 3.

The Super-Meter and the Upper Reels

All of the wins on the lower reels are placed into the ‘super meter’. While you can collect this prize at any time, the idea of the game for most players is to enjoy the upper reels – where you have 2 big benefits.

First, you are now playing with 5 win-lines instead of 1, the cost of playing all of these is just 4 coins per spin. Second, and most importantly, you can get much bigger wins for lining up the fruit symbols. These do come stacked on the upper reels, making it possible to hit 5 wins at the same time.

As with the lower reels the biggest win comes from hitting 5 of the stars, at 200 coins this is the only win which is identical to the lower reels. There are red 7’s worth 80 coins, and melons, grapes and strawberries all sharing this same prize. Bells, plums, pears and oranges are now worth 40 coins for 3.

Intensive Design

To fit 2 lots of symbols, hold buttons and 2 different pay tables onto the same slot – things are naturally a little crowded. You’ll see the bright orange Zreczny Magik logo in the middle of the reels, which are on the small side and moved over to the left to make room for the pay tables.

The online version of this game mimics the mechanical original, with white curved reels, LCD type displays and computerized bleeps as sound effects. The symbols are plain and traditional, looking like they were directly reused from slots 30 years old.

Overall Experience

While the concept feels a little dated in comparison with many newer slots in the Novomatic range, I can still see the appeal. The move from the lower to upper reels does add an element of excitement, as those bigger (possibly multi-line) wins become accessible. The solid game-play and small extras like scatters and the ability to hold reels adds a unique flavor to the game.

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