Xtra Hot Slot from Novomatic

If you have played any of the ‘Hot’ range of slots from Novomatic, you will already know to expect simple, straightforward traditional slot gaming. Instead of fancy bonus game or gimmicks, Xtra Hot is true to form, offering the familiar fruit and sevens symbols and some chances to win big. The top prize, for 5 of a kind 7’s is a staggering 40,000 coins (at minimum bet). There are also some extra bonus prizes for covering 3 or more reels in a single fruit symbol. Add to this a stunning lightning design in the background – and you have a game which fans of the other Novomatic ‘Hot’ slots should check out soon!



x hot

How to Win on Xtra Hot

Though there are 5 reels, each with 3 rows of symbols – this slot has only 5 win-lines. You can spin for just 8 coins per line and up, making the minimum spin amount just 40c. Having a lower number of win lines has its advantages. By not diluting the wins over 20+ lines, these wins are able to be much bigger when they do come in.

The biggest single win comes from lining up 5 of the red 7’s. This is worth a huge 40,000 coins. 4 of them are worth 8000 coins with 800 coins for just 3. There is another big prize for the bar symbols (though not quite in the same league) at 8000 coins for 5, 3200 for 4 and 400 for 3.

Fruits all share the same prize – along with bonus prizes for filling 3 or more entire reels. I will start with the single line wins, which are worth 1600 coins for 5 of the plums, lemons, oranges or cherries.

If you get 3 entire reels (the first 3) covered in a single fruit, your win is tripled. 4 reels see this win quadrupled and 5 reels sees this at 5x. This means that you’ll get 1600×5 for the regular line wins (8000) and then this is multiplied by 5 – giving you a second way to win the best possible prize of 40,000 coins. As an aside, cherries are the only symbol which pays for 2 of a kind, this is 40 coins.

One more regular symbol is the black X, this pays 800 coins for 5, 160 for 3 and 40 for just 3.

Gold Star Scatter Wins

Scatter symbols are not tied to a single win-line, instead paying prizes depending on how many in total are on the reels. Xtra Hot uses a gold star with a red background, and pays from 3 or more anywhere in view. You’ll get 2000 coins for 5, 400 coins for 4 and 80 coins for just 3. These particular scatters do not trigger any bonus games.

Purple Lightning Design

Unusually for the ‘hot’ series, the graphics around the outside of the reels are very vivid. You will see lightning strikes headed towards the reels from both sides, and some more lightning behind the Xtra Hot logo. If you check the pay-table, there is even a plasma ball type effect around the part which shows the extra full-reel bonuses. Lightning plays a role once you start to play too. Any wins you hit see the symbols surrounded by a plasma-like ring of lightning.

In contrast to how vivid the outside is, the symbols are very plain and traditional. These do not look bad, just very old in their design and light-effects. They spin over a background to the reels which is a dark purple color.

A cascade of bleeps accompanies the spinning of the reels, with the other clicks and whirrs that fans of Novomatic slots will know are shared between virtually all the games. There is a single note sound effect when the first reel fills with 3 of the same fruit, this continues with a rising note if the second reel fills and so on. The idea is to highlight the potential big wins for filling the entire slot with a single fruit – though since you usually only get one reel (or two) the sounds are a little disjointed.

5 Line Setup

You can’t lower the default 5 lines for this game, and the minimum number of coins per line is 8 – making for a 40c minimum spin amount. You can gamble all your wins as usual on the flip of a playing card, and the standard Novomatic auto-play is available.

Overall Experience

This ‘hot’ slot certainly looks the part, with the lightning effects marking it out from the others in the range. I like the way that the full coverage bonus has been expanded. You now get extra coins for 3+ reels covered in the same type of fruit. With a 40,000-coin top prize, this slot takes traditional gaming and adds an edge – check it out for yourself soon!

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