Ultra Hot Deluxe Slot from Novomatic

This slot almost qualifies as being the simplest, least complex slot in the Novomatic range. I say ‘almost’ as there are a couple of things which save this game! Ultra Hot Deluxe is a 3-reel video slot featuring the classic symbols like red 7’s, bars and fruits – you will also find some black crosses on the reels. There are 5 win lines, and the symbols often cover more than one place on the reels. This leads to one of the noteworthy features. If you hit a complete 3×3 grid of a single fruit symbol, your win will be doubled in comparison to the standard pays (which were already paying 5 win lines at once). There is no break out bonus, no progressive jackpots and no wilds for this game, which is slot gaming stripped to its most basic form.


u deluxe

How to Win on Ultra Hot Deluxe

All wins on this slot require 3 of a kind on one of the 5 win-lines. These are three horizontal lines and the 2 diagonals from the top and bottom of the left hand side. You can spin all 5 lines for just 20c minimum. This is what all of the wins written below are based on. Note that some of these are reasonably high. While playing this slot I found there were often several wins together after a patch where nothing came in – anecdotal evidence that this is a higher volatility slot.

The order of payments for the symbols follows the standard Novomatic patterns. Red 7’s are the biggest prize symbol, worth a generous 3,000 when you line up 3 on a single win-line. These are shown on the reels in pairs (as are all of the symbols).

Next comes a double star on red background. Hitting 3 of these on any of the 5 win-lines will get you an 800-coin prize, while hitting 3 of the (again doubled) bar symbols will get you 240. The fruits are all the same – worth 160 coins for 3. The smallest prize comes from the black X symbols. Lining up 3 of these will win you 20 coins.

Double Wins for Full Fruit Coverage

The only thing that really saves this game is the big potential wins – and this is helped by doubled prizes for covering the entire reels in plums, lemons, oranges or cherries. You will already be getting 5 lines at 160 for his (800 coins), so your win will be doubled up to 1600 coins. This is pretty generous considering it is based on a 20c spin.

Bright and Clean Design with Flame Effects

Overall, the design is instantly recognizable as coming from Novomatic. Outside the reels there is a somewhat fuzzy flame effect with a burning golden logo above the reels. The reels themselves have a white backing. You’ll notice immediately that the symbols on the reels are paired, though they look very much the same as the same symbols from the old mechanical slot games. There are light effects on each one, though these are blocky and retro looking.

Games in the Novomatic range with ‘Hot’ written on them share a flaming effect when you hit winning combinations with them. As well as the win being marked with colored lines around he boxes, the symbols are all covered in a reasonably realistic ‘on fire’ effect.

You’ll hear the usual array of bleeping ‘tunes’, thuds and whirrs for this game. After you win you will also hear a ticking sound, which indicates that the gamble after win option is available. You can try and double up your win by guessing what color a playing card will be when shown.

Fixed Lines and Min / Max Coins

I was not able to lower the win-lines for this game, which are fixed at 4. The minimum coins per line is 4 (giving 20c a spin minimum). The maximum coins per line is a huge 2,000! You can play this game automatically if you wish.

Overall Experience

You’ll really need to be the type of player who loves traditional slot gaming to enjoy this game. There are no extras at all, not even a wild or a scatter to break up the play. On the plus side, you can hit some generous wins from a small stake, and will have that win doubled if you cover the entire set of reels with a single type of fruit.

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