The Alchemist Slots

This is not the first time the ancient art of Alchemy has featured in a video slot from Novomatic. Their popular Secret Elixir also used this theme – though without the wizard and cute dragon you will find on the reels of The Alchemist.

This game has a feature that will be familiar to fans of Novomatic games – the free spins game has a sequence where a symbol is selected at random to become your special symbol for this bonus game.



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  • How to Win on the Alchemist

    With 20 win lines and great looking graphics, there are plenty of opportunities to win from the base game. One thing that makes this slot stand out is the elaborate design of the playing card symbols (as well as the unique symbols), which somehow hint at Disney’s ‘Fantasia’. All of the prizes below are based on just 2 coins per line, which is the minimum spin amount.

    Wizards are the best paying regular symbol, this wizard holds a large test tube full of smoking green fluid. You’ll get 2,000 coins for lining up 5 of these, with 1000 coins for 4, 200 for 3 and 20 coins for just 2. Unusually, all of the unique regular symbols pay out from 2 from the left.

    The cute green dragon is the next best paying symbol; this is worth 1400 coins for 5. A green potion in a round flask is next at 1000 coins, with an owl on a pile of books completing the unique symbols at 500 coins. Playing card symbols ace down to ten make up the smaller wins.

    A leather bound book with a green gemstone is both the scatter and the wild symbol in this game. As the wild it will substitute for all of the regular symbols covered above to create extra wins. As the scatter there are two benefits. First a cash prize for the total number in view, 400 coins for 3, 1000 coins for 4 and 2000 coins for 5. Second, 3 or more will trigger the free spins bonus game.

    Special Symbols in The Alchemist Free Spins Game

    The number of free spins depends on how many of the book symbols you hit on the triggering spin. If you get 3 books, this is 10 games, with 12 games for 4 and 15 games for 5. However many you trigger, the opening sequence is the same. Here you will see a square in the middle of the screen with the symbol rapidly changing. When this stops, the symbol moves to above the reels, with the prizes for 3, 4 and 5 of a kind next to it.

    When you go to the free games, the symbols will be covered in tiles. When you hit spin, these tiles disappear to reveal their symbols from the top left to the bottom right of the screen. This function has been used by Novomatic before, for example in their popular Sea Sirens slot. Wins are calculated (including extras from your special symbol) and the tiles reappear for the next spin.


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    Bold Purple Design

    I like the way that Novomatic manage to give a ‘magical’ feel to the design of this game. Purple is the predominant color, with a cartoon wizard to the let if the logo above the reels. The backs of the reels are also purple. Each symbol individually looks great, with the cute green dragon standing out. The playing card symbols are unique, with angular designs and a magical glow which includes mystic runes.

    Animations are short and a little understated, for example the green potion smokes and the book opens up. You’ll get a mix of sounds. The regular Novomatic bleeps are there, with a classical tune for the free spins round (again, this reminds me of the early Disney type musical scores) and shorter tunes for when you win.

    Choice of Win Lines

    You get a choice of 20, 10 or 5 win-lines before spinning the reels. The minimum coins per line will adjust in line with how many you choose. For the default 20 lines, you can bet from 2 coins per line and up. Auto-play has 2 levels, with the regular spins and a ‘turbo’ version which really speeds things along!

    Overall Experience

    This slot stands out from others in the Novomatic range for its unique design, which is reminiscent of the early Disney productions. The game play borrows heavily from many earlier slots – especially the book selecting a special symbol for the bonus game. I enjoyed this slot, and I’m sure it will have its fans.