Sizzling Hot Quattro Slot

One thing slot maker Novomatic have always been good at is taking their winning ideas and running with them. This slot takes the very popular game Sizzling Hot Deluxe, and comes up with a new variation of it.

In this case the angle is having 4 sets of reels spinning at the same time in a grid pattern. Each reel spins independently, which allows you to hit multiple payouts from a single spin.

Like the original game there is nothing too complex or fancy going on. Your only objective is to line up the symbols or hit several scatters anywhere in view.


How to Win on Sizzling Hot Quattro

Each of the 4 sets of reels has 5 win-lines, and each can be played for just 2 coins per line. This gives spinning all 4 a manageable 40c minimum spin (though you can go much higher than this). Considering the lower spin costs, the top prizes are high – and you’ll get 4 chances to hit them too.

As usual with Novomatic slots the red 7 is the highest paying regular symbol. This is not a wild for Sizzling Hot Quattro – in fact there are no wilds in play at all. The 20,000-coin top prize for 5 on a win line is way bigger than the rest of the prizes – this is based on the minimum 2 coins per line spin amount. You’ll get 2,000 coins for just 4 and 200 for 3.

Melons and the bunch of grapes symbol share the next highest payouts. Hitting 5 of these on a line is worth a generous 1,200 coins with 400 for 4 and 100 for 3. Next come the other traditional slot fruit symbols, which all share the same 400-coin top payout. These are plums, oranges, lemons and cherries. The only other regular prize of note is the 10-coin payout for just 2 cherries from the left.

Scatter Prizes and Gambling Your Wins

Star symbols with a red background are the designated scatter symbol. The idea of these is that they pay for the total number on the reels, and are not tied to the win lines like the regular symbols. If you see 5 stars on any single set of reels on Sizzling Hot Quattro, you’ll receive 1,000 coins. 4 are worth 1000 and you’ll get 20 coins for just 2.

After every win you will hear a ticking sound which is very familiar to fans of Novomatic slots. This invites to you take a 50-50 gamble on the turn of a playing card – you can repeat this as many times as you wish for each win.


Simple Yet Crowded Design

Individually, the Sizzling Hot Deluxe games on which this slot is built are simple, clean and a little retro in their design. Seeing 4 of them together does feel a little crowded, especially when they are all spinning at once. The reels stop from the top left, which does allow you to ‘tune in’ quite fast, though if you hit wins in several places the effect is again quite intensive!

With a simple red and purple design around the reels, your focus will be on the black reels and bold and bright traditional symbols on the. When you hit wins, there is a very effective flame effect – something shared with the ‘hot’ slots throughout the Novomatic range. Sounds are the usual flurry of bleeps and clicks that most of the early slots from this software house share.

Standard Novomatic Setup over 4 Reels

You can change the number of reels / lines for this game – though this would really miss the point of choosing to play the 4-reel version in the first place. The more likely adjustment is the number of coins played over the 20 win-lines. You can start from 2 coins (2c) per line and move up from there. Auto-play is of course offered, and makes an already intensive slot experience even faster!

Overall Experience

This game certainly increases the intensity level, with the wins and spins being hard to follow at times. Having 4 reels at once will also lower your overall variance, and keep wins coming in more regularly on one set or another. With a more complex base game this setup would not have been possible. With a straightforward base slot, the extra reels worked well for me – check out Sizzling Hot Quattro for yourself soon.

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