Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot from Novomatic

When it first appeared, the original Sizzling Hot slot was hugely popular. This bridged the gap between the old mechanical slots and today’s video slots – and added some flame effects for winning combinations on top.

Sizzling Hot Deluxe updates the graphics (though still looks very retro by today’s standards) and keeps the original straightforward game play.

There are no bonus games or free spins with this game – it is all about lining up the symbols to hit some of the generous payouts.



How to Win on Sizzling Hot Deluxe

The reason that payouts can be on the large side comes down to the smaller number of win lines. With only 5 lines, instead of 20 or more, individual prizes can be proportionally larger. Symbols also come stacked on the reels, meaning you’ll get long strips of the same type. This means entire reels are often covered in the same fruit – giving you the potential to line up several wins at the same time. The prizes below are based on 4 coins per line, which is the minimum based on 5 win lines (20 coins per bet, which is a 20c minimum).

As usual on Novomatic slots the red 7’s are the biggest paying symbol, in this case lining up 5 of them pays 20,000 coins. You’ll get 4,000 coins for just 4 (the second biggest payout of all the symbol combinations) and 400 coins for 3.

Fruit symbols also stick to the usual Novomatic hierarchy in Sizzling Hot Deluxe. Melons and grapes are top of the pile, worth 2,000 coins for the full 5 and also paying from 3 of a kind and up. The remaining 4 types of fruit all share the same prizes. These are plums, oranges, lemons and cherries and pay 800 coins for 5. Cherries have an extra prize for 2 or 20 coins, while the others all require a minimum of 3.

Star Scatters

Scatter symbols do not need to be on any of the win-lines in order to trigger a win. These are the gold stars on a red background, and pay from 3 of a kind anywhere in view. If you hit the maximum 5, then you’ll win 1,000 coins with 200 coins for 4 and 40 coins for just 3. There are no wilds or other special symbols in this slot.


Sizzling Hot Design

This is about as plain a design as you will find for any casino slot. The background to the reels is a plain purple color, with a red stripe at the top which holds the blocky and angular logo. There is a ‘TM’ next to the logo, which shows that this popular brand / series of slots is big enough to be trademarked! The background of the reels is dark, and each of the symbols has a white line around it which makes it stand out. These are larger than average symbols, though the design is very traditional. While the graphics did get an upgrade, this was long enough ago that they still look decidedly retro – with light effects and shading the only notable extras.

When you win, the overall look of the game gets a lot better. The winning symbols burst into flames. Compared to the design of the symbols, the flames are nicely done – looking detailed and realistic. You’ll also get flashing boxes around the outside of those symbols which make up the win.

Novomatic put their full sound effects library to good use with Sizzling Hot Deluxe. The crazy beeps are there when you spin, and the ticking kicks in to offer you the chance of a 50-50 gamble.

5 Line Setup

You will not be able to change the number of win-lines from the 5 default (this is low enough for most players anyway) – though you will have flexibility in the number of coins you bet per line. You can find the regular auto-play option.

Overall Experience

This is a trip down memory lane into the early days of 5-reel video slots. While the overall feel is smart and solid, there is not too much going on in the game itself. With no wilds, free spins or bonus games – you are limited to lining up those fruits or hitting several scatters. If you enjoy the solid and traditional type games, then Sizzling Hot Deluxe could be worth a spin – if only to see where the video slot concept got started.


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