Sizzling 6 Slot from Novomatic

Over the years Novomatic built huge business supplying simple, yet engaging slots to casinos and bars throughout Europe and then the world. Sizzling 6 is a great example of the type of game which has kept their fans busy for decades.

This is a simple slot, without any break out features or even a free spins game. The unique aspect of this game is that there are 6 reels, rather than the usual 5. Your only task is to live up fruits, bells or sevens over the 5 win-lines which cross these 6 reels. You’ll find the gamble after win option (guess the color of an upturned playing card) whenever you do hit a win.


How to Win on Sizzling 6

With 6 reels in play, only having 5 win-lines does feel a little on the low side. These are the horizontal lines from left to right and 2 diagonals, which invert at the half way point. There is a positive side to having only 5 lines – the wins for getting 6 symbols across them are larger than you will find on many 20 or 50 line games.

These prizes are based on 10 coins per line (minimum 50c) stakes. The smallest spin amount is 8 coins per line or 40c per spin. Lining up 6 of the red 7’s pays a huge 50,000 coins at this level. There is then a big jump down to the prize for 5 of them – at 2500 coins. You’ll get 800 for 4 and 400 for just 3 (as always, these are counted from the left).

You can win 50,000 coins on a single spin in another way too. If you cover the entire 6 by 3 grid in a single lower paying fruit symbol, then this prize is awarded as a bonus. Plums, lemons, oranges and cherries are all included. In addition, filling the first 5 reels with one of these fruits wins you 5000 coins and the first 4 reels 2000 coins.

Back to the regular wins, melons are next after the red sevens, and worth 6,000 coins for 6 of a kind (paying down to 3). Plums are then 3,000 for 6 with the other fruits having a top prize of 1000 coins.

Scatters and Jokers on Sizzling 6

There are two more symbols on the reels, a joker and a star.

The joker is a wild symbol, which will substitute for all of the regular symbols I described in the paragraphs above. You will often find several jokers on the reels at once, making it possible to link up the stacked symbols on other reels for bigger wins.

Stars are the scatter symbol. These ones do not have any bonus rounds to trigger, though they do have a prize which depends on how many you see on the reels in any position. For 6 you’ll win 10,000 coins, with 500 coins for 5 and 150 for just 4.


Simple and Bold Design

This is a clean and simple slot – rather than one which will wow you with the design elements. Outside of the reels is a dark red honeycomb type design, with a simple bright logo in the middle above the reels. You can see the 5 line markers around the outside of the reels, adding a splash of color.

Each of the symbols is nicely drawn and very crisp, with light effects and a white outline which makes them stick out on the black background of the reels. When you spin you get a pseudo-mechanical whirring sound, though the absence of the usual Novomatic crazy bleeps is noticeable. Wins are seen in with some short tunes, which sound a little like TV gameshow band noises. You will also see flame effects on the winning symbols. After each win you’ll hear the familiar ticking, which is designed to draw attention to the gamble after win option.

The setup could not be any simpler, there are 5 win-lines, which are fixed in place. All you need to do is decide how many coins to spin per line, with the minimum being 8 (40c per spin). If you like you can use the simple start / stop auto-play.

Overall Experience

If you enjoy this type of straight up no-nonsense slot, then Novomatic are the masters at creating your type of games. The only real difference with this one is the addition of the 6th reel. On the plus side, this does allow for some very big wins for those players lucky enough to hit 6 of a kind.

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