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I knew there was something missing from the reels of the Sharky slot games as soon as I started playing. It turns out that there is not a single shark during the base game – unless you count the one to the right of the logo above the reels! What you will find is a pirate, a ship, treasure chest and even a parrot. This is an entertaining 10-reel video slot that has a unique free spins bonus round. At that point in the game the sharks make an appearance, along with moving wilds and extra wins via the scatter symbols.


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How to Win on Sharky

During the base game the play is solid and straightforward. The wild symbol is also the highest paying – and takes the form of a portrait view of a smiling pirate. If you line up 5 on one of the 10 win lines, you’ll be paid a generous 5,000 coins, with 1000 for 4, 100 for 3, 5 for 2 and (unusually) a prize for just 1 in the left hand reel (of 2 coins). Three symbols are excluded from the list of potential substitutions, these are the compass scatter and the ship and island – which appear in reels 1 and 5 respectively.

Net on the prize list is the parrot, worth 1000 coins for 5. This is worth hitting a win with simply to see the animation of the parrot wearing a hat. The treasure chests (500 for 5) and the crossed cutlasses (250) come next on the list – before the playing card symbols make up the rest of the wins.

Unusually for Novomatic, the scatter symbols do not trigger the bonus game. This is a ships compass, and pays out for the total number in view on the reels. You’ll get 900 coins for 5, 180 for 4 and 45 coins for 3. The ship and island together (on reels 1 and 5) is what gets you into the 10 free spins bonus game – and also wins a prize of 45 coins.

Rowing Away with A Prize in the Sharky Slot Bonus Game

There is some entertaining game play within the bonus game – which includes extra wilds that move across the screen as you play. The sharks in the title also make an appearance, sometimes killing off your wilds.

Each time you hit a ship symbol on the first reel, this will zoom in to reveal the main pirate character in a rowing boat. This then becomes wild and will move one reel to the right on each spin. You will sometimes have 2 or 3 of these at different stages of moving over the reels.

When a treasure chest lands, the pirate will jump out of his boat and swim to it – opening it up to reveal an instant prize. Each rower will do this, so you can get several prizes at once. If a rower lands on top of a shark symbol you get a different animation (and a ‘jaws’ type sound effect). Here the shark knocks the boat over and the pirate guy disappears – meaning that your extra wild has gone.

This combination of extra wilds and treasure can make this a profitable bonus game at times. You can also trigger 10 more free spins if you hit the ship and island at the same time during play.

Nautical Design

Like many real-money games, the Skarky slot has been given a makeover in the graphics since the original release. These are still on the plain side, though you cannot fault the colors or the simple artwork. Sound the reels is an underwater view, with some sharks swimming around. By contrast the reels are a plain white, and the symbols a big mix of colors and styles. The pirate does have some character, even if the artwork is basic – he will wink at you when involved in a win.

There are several animations, again these are basic – though they do make this game more entertaining than many rivals. In addition to the parrot wearing a hat, the ship animation is nicely done – as is the sequence where the shark gets the pirate out of his boat in the bonus game. Most of the noises are from the regular Novomatic sound library.

The default for this game is 10 win lines, and you can bet from just a single coin per line. You’ll be offered the regular gamble after win, and can choose the standard auto play too.

Overall Experience

Despite the lack of sharks, this turned out to be an entertaining and engaging slot. There is nothing too special going on in the base game (though 5,000 coins is a generous top prize at 10 coins per spin only). It is the feature with the moving wilds sub-game which really brings Sharky to life – check it out for yourself soon!


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