Secret Elixir Slot Game
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This online slot game title from Novomatic not only looks stunning, it has a novel aspect to the game play too.

The first 4 reels are standard, showing historical and slightly gothic symbols. The 5th reel is a different color (green) and includes colored potion bottles, each with a multiplier.

During the base game, certain win lines will have multipliers awarded to the wins if the elixir bottle line up. Once you hit the free spins round, all of the wins have multipliers – some of which can be quite high.


How to Win on the Secret Elixir Slot

Instead of 5 of a kind wins in the Secret Elixir slot game, the maximum symbols you can line up on one of the 10 win lines is 4. What you’ll be hoping is that the 5th symbol in the sequence is a 3x or 5x multiplier (or an even bigger number in the free spins game).

The top paying symbol is a guy wearing a strange headband with a bright green background. 4 of these will get you 1,000 coins (based on the minimum 10-coin bet) and 3 are worth 100 coins. This is also the wild symbol, substituting for all the other regular symbols to create wins, though not the green gem scatters. A man and a woman who in Victorian era costume are next, worth 400 coins for the maximum 4 and 40 coins for 3. An owl, and 2 gargoyles (one bronze and the other green) come next on the pay table. Playing cards which look like they have the bubbles of elixirs make up the smallest wins.

Scatter symbols are very vivid bright green gems, these are not tied to any of the win-lines and will pay out for either 3 or 4 anywhere on the reels. You’ll get 250 coins for 4 of a kind, and 50 for 3. The most important function of the scatters is to trigger the bonus games, where you have the potential for much bigger wins.

Concocting Wins in the Secret Elixir Bonus Game

You’ll get 12 free spins to start the bonus game in Secret Elixir slot game. Before this begins you will see the 5th reel spinning quickly, and a lot of multiplier potions with multipliers of up to 20x go past. You click the start button and this reel stops, with random multipliers awarded to you.

The big difference in the game play is that every win has a multiplier, as all 3 of the positions on reel 5 will show a potion. The rest is down to luck, if you were to line up 4 of the wilds with the biggest 20x multiplier, 20,000 coins would come your way. While most wins will be smaller, having that big win potential always makes for an engaging bonus game.


Mysterious Design

Overall the design hints at an underground lab, with arches and windows in the background and potion bottles which come from the earliest days of science. The gargoyle statues and owl add to this, while there is some ambiguity as to whether the lead character has steampunk like goggles on his head or jewels. The best designs may well be the playing cards, which look like they are filled with a magic potion.

As you might expect from Novomatic slots, the animations are less than dramatic. Symbols shrink, grow and sparkle – and the win lines (including that all-important multiplier) flash. The sounds are very much the regulation Novomatic beeps and clunks. You’ll also hear the ticking after you win, which alerts you to the ‘opportunity’ to gamble that win on the turn of a playing card.

Even with only 4 regular reels in play, the 10-win line setup is used. You can lower this number, and change the number of coins bet per line too. As ever, you’ll be offered an auto play option which allows you to sit back and enjoy the game.

Overall Experience

This is a novel and enjoyable slot. I enjoyed the slightly mysterious theme, even though it is difficult to put an exact year on the period they are trying to represent. The idea with the 5th reel is not brand new (this was even used on some 3 reel mechanical slots back in the day), though the use of it is very good. With bigger multipliers during the free spins game, this is the undoubted highlight of this slot.

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