Random Runner 15 Slot from Novomatic

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There are older slots using the ‘Random Runner’ name which had 2 sets of 3 reels. This review is for the bigger and more intensive traditional slot with 5 reels. The ‘15’ in the name is for the 15 win lines on this game. These are not set out from the left as you might expect in a 5-reel slot game. Instead they are set up in 3 overlapping sets of 3 reels. All the wins come in 3’s, though the main attraction of this game is that you will often find multiple 3’s hitting at the same time. This slot is very much focused on traditional gaming. There are no features or even wilds included.


How to Win on Random Runner 15

When you first see the pay table for this game, and see that all of the wins are for 3 of a kind – it can be a little confusing. There are 5 reels on this game, and if you line up 5 of a kind (for example across the obvious middle row) then you will win a bigger prize. In this case there would be 3x 3 of a kind wins, the first one on reels 1, 2 and 3 – the second one on reels 2, 3 and 4 and the last one covering reels 3, 4 and 5. You only need to play for a short while before you ‘tune in’ to this unusual system and the winning combinations become obvious. The big advantage is that you can miss completely with the first 2 reels and still get a win on the last 3!

Based on a 15-coin spin, the best payout comes from hitting 3 of the stars. The twist with this symbol is that these stars are not individual symbols at all – instead stars are superimposed on top of the other symbols. The effect is the same, if you line up 3 of them then you will win 3,000 coins.

Regular symbols are the very traditional ones you’ll find on Novomatic slots throughout the years. There are two groups of these with identical prizes. The red 7’s, melons, grapes and strawberries are all worth 240 coins for 3. The bells (complete with ribbons), pears, plums and oranges have a lower payout at 120 coins for 3. There are no prizes for anything either above or below 3 of a kind, for this slot it is 3 or nothing.


Traditional Design and Unique Setup

The video slot version of Random Runner 15 is designed to mimic the original – which had curved mechanical reels. The outside of the reels is has an abstract black and brown design, with a bright orange logo above the reels. The reel backings are a dirty white color and are designed to look curved. Symbols are very basic, and could have been reused from any one of 100’s of Novomatic slots over the past 20 years.

You’ll have flashing squares around your wins, and will then hear the familiar ticking sound which invites you to the ‘gamble after win’ guess the color of a playing card game. This is optional, you are welcome to simply collect your win if you prefer. The remaining sounds are the familiar computerized beeps and whirrs.

You cannot change the number of win lines on Random Runner 15. This is due to the unique setup of 3 sets of 3 reels each with 5 win-lines. These lines are the 3 horizontals and 2 diagonals from the top and bottom symbols. There is an auto-play option available.

Overall Experience

If you enjoy the very solid and traditional type of slots, then this one certainly adds a new dimension for you. If you are comparing it to some of the more complex and engaging video slots being produced today, then I doubt you will find this game too impressive. The stars with their associated big win is the key reason to play. The interesting 3 by 3 setup over 5 reels is also worth a look if you have never experienced this before.

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